IBCCES developed the Accessibility Card program to help streamline accommodations requests at amusement parks and other attractions with an online pre-arrival screening process to ensure those who truly need accommodations can easily receive them and ease staffing demands.

*If you’re an individual looking to register for the IAC, please visit accessibilitycard.org
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Expedite the Accommodations Process

Using the IAC program can help streamline the accommodations process and save staff time on-site when providing accessibility services.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Registration for the card is online and should be done prior to entering the park, making it easier for guests to identify and communicate needed accommodations.

Reduce Abuse

The IAC program includes verification processes to discourage the abuse of accommodations and ensure the individuals who truly need accommodations can access them.

Exposure to New Guests

As a participating location, you are making it easier for families and individuals to visit your attraction and will also be exposed to thousands of new guests who are looking for accessible options.

What is the IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC)?

The digital IBCCES Accessibility Card (IAC) is a free resource for individuals who need to request accommodations or assistance at amusement parks and attractions. The IAC helps identify accommodations needed and expedite the process at parks and attractions.

The IAC registration system provides third-party review and support for individuals and families requesting accommodations at parks. This process can help streamline the process onsite at attractions, avoid uncomfortable conversations about individual needs, and assist park staff to provide whatever accommodations are available quickly and easily. The IAC card does not guarantee specific accommodations (this is up to each participating attraction), but provides a means for individuals and families to communicate their needs via an online platform ahead of their visit. These requests are also reviewed by IBCCES for accuracy and completeness.

  • female parent IAC testimonial “The card was so helpful for us. My son is non-verbal ASD and waiting in line for some of the rides is really hard on him. We used our pass at Fiesta Texas and it made our trip so much easier.”

  • male avatar for testimonial“Allows my child to experience rides that he otherwise would not be able to without extreme stress/ difficulties.”

  • woman of color avatar for testimonial“It makes the process quick and convenient.”

If you’re an attraction and want to learn more about how you can implement the Accessibility Card Program (IAC) at your location, complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you!