Meet the Board

Brandy Killian, M.S., NCSP, CAS

IBCCES Board Member; Licensed School Psychologist

Ponte Vedra, FL

As a licensed school psychologist and a Certified Autism Specialist, Brandy Killian believes in creating productive professional partnerships that lead to the improvement of education and care for children with Autism and other sensory processing disorders. Her academic and professional backgrounds have prepared her to anticipate and help to meet the needs of children with special needs for almost 15 years.

Prior to joining the board at the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) she spent 13 rewarding years working as a school psychologist at the Hamilton City School District. While there, Brandy worked tirelessly to help students succeed both academically and personally. She also developed strong leadership skills as she negotiated with key decision makers to implement meaningful assistance programs and to get students the treatment they needed to succeed.

Brandy’s education includes an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Master of Science Degree in School Psychology, which she earned at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Brandy Killian is also a Registered Medical Sales Representative who completed the NAMSR Medical Sales Training Program in 2013. This achievement, combined with her professional background in psychology and organizational leadership, provides her with the skills and ability to deliver consistent results for students with special needs.