The Certified Autism Specialist Demonstrates Competency to a BCBA and Helps Carry Out ABA Services

Applied Behavior Analysis is a form of therapy based on the principles of operant and respondent conditioning. A Board Certified Behavior Analysis has had extensive training in the areas of behavior modification, behavior management, behavioral engineering and behavior therapy. Many times a BCBA will work with a child with autism. Intense therapy sessions typically last 15 minutes in length however ongoing support is necessary. To find qualified professionals to help provide that support is a challenge.

The Certified Autism Specialist, demonstrates competence to a BCBA, who may be looking for support staff to carry out ABA services. A Certified Autism Specialist is credentialed specifically in autism and has a master’s degree, typically in Special Education or closely related field. The Certified Autism Specialist is issued a credential number that is renewed every two years with continued autism education.

It is important to parents and insurance providers that all staff have appropriate credentials based on the continued study of autism. International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards is the governing body to the Certified Autism Specialist. IBCCES has over fourteen years experience licensing professionals that bill insurance in both private practice as well as Medicaid programs. The Certified Autism Specialist credential was originally designed for licensed mental health professionals, as a practical way for parents to know where to turn.

It is now a way for BCBA professionals to demonstrate that they have a team of qualified support staff that specifically understand the needs of the autism population and their families. IBCCES provides a public registry that allows third parties to verify a Certified Autism Specialists credential number, making it easy for a BCBA to confirm who they are hiring.


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