Featured Certified Autism Specialist – Larry Beckett

 Larry R. Beckett, Licensed Professional Counselor/Registered Play Therapist, CAS

 City/State: Carthage, MO

 School/ Organizations: Beckett’s Counseling Services

1) How has earning the Certified Autism Specialist been meaningful and satisfying?

Completing this level of professional Autism training has introduced me to the latest research-based information regarding helping children and families dealing with Autism.  It has helped me to connect with these children and their families in so many helpful ways.

2) How has the CAS credential affected your professional growth?

Because the standard of these training are held to best practice standards it has allowed me to grow professionally.  This Autism training holds the therapist accountable to provide the absolute best services and in doing so it facilitates the professional growth of the therapist.

3) How has your CAS credential been a benefit to your district/ organization/ or employer?  In the geographic area where my private practice is located there are few such services offered.  By completing both levels of this training my clinic has been able to offer professional level best practice Autism services in my own community.

4) How do you like to be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded for a job well done?

My rewards come in the form of seeing my client’s growth.  I am humbled by witnessing children with Autism conquer tasks that before was beyond their reach.  It is very rewarding indeed to be even a small part of their family growth process.  For me personally, I think it is so rewarding to witness children with Autism do so much better in the public school setting once they have experienced success in the clinic environment.  Sharing information/knowledge about children with Autism with other professionals working within public schools has also been very rewarding and helpful to the children with Autism.

5) What is your greatest challenge or roadblock?

My greatest roadblock continues to be getting the word out to all the folks in need.  In my practice, I continue to use the communication methods I have at hand to help let others know that there are Autism services available and there is hope for children with Autism.

6) What makes you feel like a valuable contributor?

When I see a child with Autism reach varying levels of success in their goal attainment there is no doubt in my mind my energies have been directed in the right place.  It is always a team effort involving the child, his/her families, the therapist and therapeutic process.

7) What do you enjoy most about your job?

After all the years I have been in practice it continues to amaze me that I am so blessed to have the privilege and honor to serve children and families through the professional practice of counseling.  I look forward to each and every day of my service to others.

8) What support, tools/resources, skills or empowerment do you need to be more effective?

For me personally, I feel I need to take full advantage of any Autism related training that I can. Keeping up with the research on Autism is crucial to best practice services.  Also, access to others working in the field has been a valuable resource.  Dr. Robert Grant, who practices in Nixa, Missouri, has been more helpful than mere words can describe.  He is an amazing teacher, practitioner, a truly genuine person and he is all about children dealing with Autism.

9) What strengths or talents do you possess that aren’t being used?

I probably should devote more time to teaching others about Autism.  I feel if I could find the time to do so it would be helpful to other professionals.

















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