Meet the IBCCES Top Outstanding Autism Specialists

For the month of April, IBCCES is recognizing some of the Outstanding Autism Specialists that dedicate their lives to making their communities and the world a better place for individuals living with autism. At IBCCES, we know that all of our certified members are exceptional human beings, and each makes a difference each day. We want to send a personal thank you to all of you who work in the field of autism, are a parent or family member of a loved one with autism, or just cares about the field and making the world a better place.

Please see below for some of the few outstanding individuals that represent our members who make a difference.

“Her kindness, patience, and dedication are unparalleled and her passion is obvious as she looks for every opportunity to advance her learning in any way she can to help those on the autism spectrum.”  – Excerpt from nomination for Khamiya Nisbett-Parris

“Her strong understanding on how Autism affects an individual has not only brought hope and optimism to families, but also the methods and tools to transform their children’s lives across community settings.”  – Excerpt from nomination for Vicki Johnson

  1. Vickie Johnson – CAS; Special Education Director, ABLE Behavioral Learning Environment, LLC, Zachary, LA
  2. Kimberly Koretoff – CAS; Occupational Therapist, OT 4 Kids, Santa Monica, CA
  3. Melissa Cullings – CAS; Special Education Teacher, Flagler County Public Schools, Palm Coast, FL
  4. Shannon Barrett Majoros – CAS; Autism Program Director, RISE for Autism Foundation, Inc., Baltimore, MA
  5. Amy Dedrick – CAS; Social Worker, Skills to Succeed; Central States Mental Health Consultants;  ASAP Expert Counseling;   Kansas City, MO
  6. Timothy Dovichi – CAS; Special Education Teacher, Laureate Day School, Elgin, IL
  7. Ahli Parris – ACAS; Speech Teacher, Department of Education Nevis, Brooklyn, NY
  8. Reese Jacobs – CAS; Lead ESY Teacher; Douglasville, GA
  9. Sheryl Rosin – CAS; Speech Language Pathologist/Professional Development Instructor; Summit Professional Education; St. Kitts
  10. George E. Peters III – CAS; Licensed Professional Counselor, Private Practice; Choctaw, OK


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