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By Dr. Thomas Romero DC, Neuroplasticity Professional, Optimal You Brain Centers

Do you find yourself telling your adolescent child “You Need An Attitude Adjustment”? For decades we have been told that cranky teens are just part of life. Know that this condition is treatable. Most bad dispositions and chronic fatigue can be treated with neuroplasticity techniques. “Brain Games!” Not the kind that your child has been playing on his or her tablet or phone. These are scientifically developed brain exercises that stimulate the frontal lobe to achieve maximum brain function.

Children today, and adults too, are looking down at their phones and tablets too much they are not going outside and developing their motor and sensory neurological pathways. Instead of developing critical fine hand eye coordination they are building compensatory reflexes to aid them in accomplishing basic movements such as turning their heads right or left to look for a stimulus or when simply reading a book or playing a game. It is very critical in early life for the child to develop their neurological pathways optimally for healthy function. With out this healthy development bad pathways are laid down which are difficult to rewire or in essence rewrite for optimal function.

When the child is using their eye muscles to find that ball being thrown at them, they have a circuit of nerves essentially wires that communicate with the areas of the brain telling the individual where their muscles are holding themselves up in space. This involves two critical neurological pathways; the ability for your brain to know at what tone to hold each muscle so the individual does not fall over or end up in clonus (all muscles contracting); These sensory pathways are the neurons picking up the stimulus from the environment and processing it to the brain (that is signal received from the neuron or essentially skin travelling the message to the brain) and properly processing it so that the muscles can fire accordingly, so that it does not over contract or under contract. The mechanisms developed from early age are immensely crucial to monitor and facilitate optimal development so that the brain particularly the frontal lobe, can develop optimally. The frontal lobe’s, as most know, main responsibility is to inhibit behavior, or essentially modulate your executive function which is who you are pertaining to everything, so by training and optimally developing the frontal lobe you achieve ones optimal self.

Dr. Thomas Romero, DC is a Chiropractic physician in the Ponte Vedra Area that conducts Neuroplasticity therapies at his practice Optimal You Brain Centers (904) 373-5852.

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