Your Voice Matters Series: Parent’s Perspective On Challenges Her Autistic Child Faces in School

Hear from Bilyana, a mother of an autistic son, discuss her challenges and her advocacy to ensure schools and teachers could better assist her son.

Video Transcript
As a parent, my biggest concerns when a teacher doesn’t have training in autism is the environment that it sets for that autistic child. There is a concern for escalating behavior issues and frustration because there’s a lack of communication and a lack of support. Autistic children understand, they’re very intuitive. When they’re put in an environment where there’s very little patience for them. And so I find that my biggest concern is just trying to acclimate my child to an environment where somebody is standing there before them, and doesn’t doesn’t know what to do.

Video Transcript
My son goes to a school setting, which is a mix of his classes or special education and general education and getting him to that point was a real struggle because it required changing the mindset of the staff and the administration, so that they were open to the capabilities of what there was versus trying to work with their own bias and their initial expectations based on how little they really do on autism. So once we’re able to educate them and advocate for these changes, they were very surprised and impressed at how much progress and autistic child can make when you do offer them into an inclusion setting.
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