3 Reasons Why Autism Certification Is Important for Speech Language Pathologists

SLPs Commonly Work with Autistic Individuals (With or Without Autism Training)

Since autistic individuals typically have difficulty communicating, it is natural that autism and SLPs go hand in hand. With a rising diagnosis rate of autism, it is extremely valuable for SLPs to consider specializing in this area, or to at least receive specific training, in order to support individuals who are on the spectrum.

Communication Is Vital

Autistic individuals usually find it challenging to communicate effectively and may find it difficult to participate in social situations. SLPs can play an important role in the development of those who are struggling in these areas.

Since autism is a spectrum disorder, children and adults who have autism will deal with social situations and communication in different ways. In order for an SLP to effectively work with this broad population, autism certification is highly recommended so that each unique situation can be properly assessed and addressed appropriately.

Tailored Approach for Each Patient

There are many different models and approaches when it comes to working with autistic children and adults. SLPs who are autism certified will be able to adequately establish the best method for each individual and carry out strategies and techniques that will aid in the patient’s development.

It is important to determine whether a patient will respond better with a small group or individually and which setting will encourage the best results. Acquiring a deeper knowledge of autism and how the disorder works will make it possible for SLPs to customize treatment plans for each individual they work with.

Stand Out In Your Field

A highly-specialized disorder such as autism requires highly-specialized training if SLPs wish to serve this population and stand out in the field. The Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) certification was developed by IBCCES and its advisory board of experts, such as world-class experts in autism, education, cognitive development, research and leading clinicians.

SLP working with young boy

Is Autism Training Right for You?

Autistic individuals deserve training specialized to their needs that will help them achieve the highest level of development when it comes to communication and social skills. You can make a difference in the lives of those who have autism while advancing your career as an SLP. Take advantage of the online certification process and stay ahead of the curve.

If you think autism training is right for you then getting started is an easy process.

First, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Second, start your application online.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Autism Specialist

As an SLP, becoming certified in autism will provide a solid foundation of credibility and expertise in the field.

  • After the certification is complete, SLPs will find themselves better equipped to provide support and resources to those with autism who are seeking their services and their families. Professionals who complete the internationally recognized CAS program can further their career advancement, new opportunities and increased earning potential.
  • SLPs who choose to become autism certified will receive access to the latest research and best practices, placing them steps ahead of others in their industry. The CAS certification is a great opportunity to acquire ongoing professional development and convey to patients that serving them properly is the most significant priority as an SLP.
  • Earn 14 CEs hours that can apply towards your ASHA requirements from an approved provider.

Learn More About Autism Certification

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