Certified Neurodiversity BadgeNeurodiversity in the Workplace

Research strongly indicates that the way communities serve adults with autism and other cognitive disorders is a key indicator on the overall health and wellness of the community and its workforce.

With the proper training, certification and community support, these individuals become a productive part of leading organizations, with specific skills and assets that many neuro-typical employees do not possess.

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9 Modules:

Introducing Neurodiversity at Work

  • Why neurodiversity matters
  • Autism in the workplace
  • ADHD in the workplace
  • Learning differences in the workplace
  • Neurodiversity and mental health
  • Inclusive hiring
  • Disclosure
  • Working in a neurodiverse team contributing to a supportive culture

neurodiversity hiring

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Neurodiversity In Workforce

  • 30 minute online training program
  • Introduction to neurodiversity at work

Ideal for:

  • All Employees across the organization

Neurodiversity For Leadership

  • 4 CE online training program
  • Tactical training for employees specifically involved in neurodiversity hiring programs

Ideal for:

  • Managers HR Recruiters
  • Coworkers Mentors

Neurodiversity in the Workforce

Awareness training + culture change, enterprise wide

understanding the business icon

Understanding the Business Case

build empathy icon

Build Empathy

Bust Myths icon

Bust Myths + Stereotypes

inclusive hire icon

Inclusive Hiring Tips

supportive strategies icon

Supportive Coworking

What Organizations should become a Certified Neurodiversity Workplace

  • Attractions 
  • Hospitality   
  • Retail  
  • Transportation 
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics

  • Technology Companies
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • City and County Government
  • Higher Education


  • Dedicated to serving individuals with autism
  • At least 80% of staff is trained and certified in the field of Autism
  • committed to ongoing training in autism
  • Onsite audit by IBCCES experts
  • Includes a comprehensive report with suggested recommendations/modifications, as well as sensory guides for activities

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