Hospitality and travel professionals need to understand new ways of working with and serving guests. Many guests are looking for high levels of customer service and engagement in addition to trying to understand new protocols and procedures and accessibility options. Ensure your team is well-equipped to provide the best guest experience along with understanding the cognitive needs of the individuals they serve.

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Requirements (2-year Certification):

  • At least 80% of the guest facing staff has completed GE2.0 training

  • Commitment to provide ongoing staff training to meet guest expectations

  • Committed to providing exceptional guest experience with physical distancing

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Program Format: 

Online training featuring video content (60 minutes)

Printed Learning Resource Guide for each participant

Online assessment testing program knowledge

Program Competencies

Physical Distancing vs. Social Distancing

Physical Distancing vs. Social Distancing

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Guest Communication

Guest Communication

Physical Distancing with a Smile

Physical Distancing
With a Smile

Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness

Guests with autism or other disabilities

Guests with Autism + Disabilities

Building a culture of Excellence and Awareness

Building a Culture of Excellence + Awareness

Training Details

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Physical Distancing with a Smile
  • Understanding the impact of new social norms on guest expectations
  • Demystifying the facts – General Guidelines CDC, WHO, IAAPA and others
  • Using emotional intelligence to exceed guest expectations
  • Keep unconscious bias from sabotaging the guest experience
Physical Distancing vs. Social Distancing
  • Why social distancing is not the key to a great guest experience
  • How to create an excellent experience without compromising guest or team member health or wellbeing
  • Creating a welcoming culture while adhering to new social norms
Conflict Resolution
  • Handling guests fear and anxiety
  • How to diffuse situations that will arise from new social norms
  • Creating an atmosphere of comradery and not conflict- we are all in this together
Guest Communication
  • How to communicate updated procedures to guests and employees
  • Showing empathy and attention to detail while physically distancing
  • Changes in communication styles and how to keep a welcoming atmosphere
  • Implementing measures to make guests feel welcomed and safe at same time (signage, website, buttons, décor)
Mental Health and Wellness
  • Understanding the affects of fear and anxiety on your behavior
  • How to address guest’s anxiety or fears in a confident and empathetic manner
  • Using the power of positivity to improve mental health
Guests With Autism or Other Cognitive Disorders
  • Awareness of individuals that may need special accommodations
  • Necessary accommodations under current restrictions
  • Use of the Accessibility Card to identify the special needs of a guest
  • What are the expectations of guest with special needs
Building Culture of Excellence and Awareness
  • Creating a new culture for guest experience – addressing changes in a positive manner
  • How to acknowledge the change in social and cultural norms
  • How to create a culture of excellence and awareness


Kerry headshot

Dr. Kerry Magro, Ph.D

Award-Winning Disability Advocate, Best-Selling Author

Marc Garcia. headshot

Marc Garcia

President and Ceo, Visit Mesa

Joseph Cheung MD

Joseph Cheung, MD

Sleep Neurologist, Mayo Clinic

Anne Holmes

Anne Holmes, CCC, BCBA

Board Of Directors Autism Society, VP Of The Division Of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Martha Aki headshot

Martha Aki

ECI Program Director, Katy Independent School District

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore, EdD

Autism Advocate & Expert, Professor, Author, Speaker

Erik Bread

Erik Beard

Managing Member / General Counsel, International Ride Training Llc

Eric Rossen heashot

Eric Rossen, Ph.D., NCSP

Director Of Professional Development & Standards For NASP

Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson, Ph.D., LLC

Special Education Program Coordinator At University Of Georgia

Pam Rollins headshot

Pamela Rollins, EdD, SLP

Associate Professor

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