Unlocking the mystery of tau for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
September 9, 2020
A team of researchers has uncovered crucial molecular details regarding the activity of the 'tau' protein, promising to revolutionize the therapy of tau-induced neurodegenerative diseases.
Older women with type 2 diabetes have different patterns of blood use in their brains
September 8, 2020
A researcher is reporting that the brains of older women with Type 2 diabetes do not use as much oxygenated blood as those who don't have the disease. The research is the first to point to changes in blood use in the brain as the primary reason for diabetes-related deficits in motor function....
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Brain’s immune cells promising cellular target for therapeutics
September 8, 2020
Inspired by the need for new and better therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, researchers are exploring the link between uncontrolled inflammation within the brain and the brain's immune cells, known as microglia, which are emerging as a promising cellular target because of the prominent role th...
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Common class of drugs linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease
September 4, 2020
Researchers report that a class of drugs used for a broad array of conditions, from allergies and colds to hypertension and urinary incontinence, may be associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline, particularly in older adults at greater risk for Alzheimer's disease....
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How we sleep today may forecast when Alzheimer’s disease begins
September 3, 2020
Neuroscientists have found a way to estimate, with some degree of accuracy, a time frame for when Alzheimer's is most likely to strike in a person's lifetime, based on their baseline sleep patterns. Their findings suggest one defense against this virulent form of dementia -- for which no treatment c...
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Depression worsens over time for older caregivers of newly diagnosed dementia patients
September 2, 2020
Caring for a partner or spouse with a new diagnosis of Alzheimer's or related dementia is associated with a 30 percent increase in depressive symptoms, compared to older adults who don't have a spouse with dementia -- and these symptoms are sustained over time, a new study found....
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Inflammation linked to Alzheimer’s disease development
September 2, 2020
Scientists have discovered a direct link between the immune response to viruses and bacteria and the development of plaques in the brain that characterize Alzheimer's disease.
Circadian rhythms help guide waste from brain
September 2, 2020
New research details how the complex set of molecular and fluid dynamics that comprise the glymphatic system - the brain's unique process of waste removal - are synchronized with the master internal clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. These findings suggest that people who rely on sleeping du...
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Understanding the link between hearing loss and dementia
September 1, 2020
Scientists have developed a new theory as to how hearing loss may cause dementia and believe that tackling this sensory impairment early may help to prevent the disease.
Research shows how a diet change might help US veterans with Gulf War illness
August 31, 2020
A new study shows the results from a dietary intervention in U.S. veterans suffering from Gulf War Illness, a neurological disorder in veterans who served in the Persian Gulf War from 1990 to 1991.
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