Deep sleep may mitigate Alzheimer's memory loss
May 4, 2023
Deep sleep, also known as non-REM slow-wave sleep, can act as a 'cognitive reserve factor' that may increase resilience against a protein in the brain called beta-amyloid that is linked to memory loss caused by dementia.
Air pollution may increase risk of dementia, complicated by genetics
May 2, 2023
Researchers describe how exposure to ambient air pollution, such as car exhaust and power plant emissions -- is associated with a measurably greater risk of developing dementia over time.
Stress increases Alzheimer's risk in female mice but not males
May 2, 2023
Stress causes the levels of Alzheimer's proteins to rise in females' brains but not males' brains, according to a new study. This difference may contribute to women's greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
60 years later, high school quality may have a long-term impact on cognition
May 2, 2023
Attending a high school with a high number of teachers with graduate training was the clearest predictor of the impact of school quality on late-life cognition, researchers found.
First 'gene silencing' drug for Alzheimer's disease shows promise
April 25, 2023
A new trial has found a new genetic therapy for Alzheimer's disease that is able to safely and successfully lower levels of the harmful tau protein known to cause the disease.
Astrocyte dysfunction causes cognitive decline
April 20, 2023
People with dementia have protein build-up in astrocytes that may trigger abnormal antiviral activity and memory loss, according to a preclinical study.
Common infections linked to poorer cognitive performance in middle-aged and older adults
April 20, 2023
A new study found that signs of common infections in a sample of middle-aged and older adults were associated with poorer performance on a test of global cognitive function.
Sleeping pill reduces levels of Alzheimer's proteins
April 20, 2023
Two doses of an FDA-approved sleeping pill reduced levels of Alzheimer's proteins in a small study of healthy volunteers. The study hints at the potential of sleep medications to slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease, although much more work needs to be done to confirm the viability of...
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Online tool found to be effective at assessing dementia risk
April 20, 2023
Scientists hope the new tool could be used to make it easier for GPs and patients to get information on dementia risk factors.
Simple test may predict cognitive impairment long before symptoms appear
April 20, 2023
In people with no thinking and memory problems, a simple test may predict the risk of developing cognitive impairment years later, according to a new study.