Could some antibiotics help treat early onset dementia?
January 14, 2020

The symptoms of frontotemporal, or early onset, dementia can appear as early as age 40. Have researchers found a new way to treat this condition using antibiotics?
Frontotemporal ...
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What to know about brain atrophy
January 8, 2020

Brain atrophy refers to a loss of brain cells or a loss in the number of connections between brain cells. People who experience brain atrophy typically develop poorer cognitive functioning as a result of this type of brain damage.
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Could hydration levels influence cognitive function?
January 5, 2020

Dehydration can cause headaches and several physiological issues, and older adults are most at risk of experiencing it. Does it also affect cognitive function, however? And might overhydration also affect mental performance?
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What causes Alzheimer's? Not toxic amyloid, new study suggests
January 4, 2020
Many researchers have argued that the accumulation of toxic beta-amyloid in the brain causes Alzheimer's. However, a new study offers some evidence contradicting this sequence....
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Scientists draw closer to a dementia vaccine
January 4, 2020
Although a vaccine for dementia is a long way down the road, researchers recently made a few tentative steps closer. The authors of a recent study in mice hope that in the coming years, they can move into human trials....
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Dementia: Obesity, but not diet or inactivity, raises risk
December 22, 2019
A new, long-term study finds that midlife obesity raises the risk of dementia in women. However, calorie intake and physical inactivity do not....
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Inflammatory marker could be early warning for dementia
December 21, 2019
A new study has found a blood plasma linked to inflammation that could be a warning signal for certain dementias. Could it pave the way for low cost screening?...
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How two experimental Alzheimer's drugs reverse aging
December 13, 2019
New research in mice reveals the mechanisms through which two experimental drugs that may treat Alzheimer's disease have broader, anti-aging properties and can reverse age-related cognitive decline....
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Mouse study tests a novel approach against Alzheimer's
December 12, 2019
Using mouse models of Alzheimer's disease, researchers have been looking into a new approach to slow down the progression of this neurodegenerative disease — a ketone ester-rich diet....
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Transport breakdown in brain cells may lead to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
December 11, 2019
New research in mice and flies suggests that failure to transport molecules that break down proteins in neurons may lead to neurodegenerative diseases.
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