How is stress linked with constipation?
November 12, 2019

High levels of stress can cause or aggravate gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, stomach pain, and changes in bowel movements, which can include constipation.
Researchers have identified various connections between the brain and stomach t...
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The impact of mental health training in the workplace
November 11, 2019
A new study has found that managers with access to mental health training in their workplaces have an improved understanding of mental health overall and that they actively work to help prevent mental health issues in the people they manage....
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How to stop ruminating thoughts
November 8, 2019

Ruminating thoughts are excessive and intrusive thoughts about negative experiences and feelings. A person with a history of trauma may be unable to stop thinking about the trauma, for example, while a person with depression may persistently think nega...
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Patients with mood, anxiety disorders share abnormalities in brain's control circuit
October 30, 2019
New research published today in shows for the first time that patients with mood and anxiety disorders share the same abnormalities in regions of the brain involved in emotional and cognitive control.
The findings hold promise for the development of new treatments targeting these reg...
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