Autism Amid Uncertainty: Expert Advice for Parents and Teachers
April 22, 2020

Sheltered at home, away from friends and the familiarity of school, millions of students around the country are grappling with stress and uncertainty—and things could be especially trying for the estimated 710,000 school-age children and young adults with a...
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Autism and ADHD share genes
November 26, 2019
Researchers from the national psychiatric project iPSYCH have found that autism and ADHD share changes in the same genes. The new knowledge relates directly to the biological causes of the two child psychiatric disorders.
In Denmark, approximately one per cent of schoolchildren have a...
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Everything you need to know about autism in adults
October 30, 2019

The symptoms of autism in adults can differ from those in children, and many adults have learned to live with their symptoms over the years.
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New evidence challenges 'extreme male brain' theory of autism
September 5, 2019
A new study has challenged suggestions that the male sex hormone testosterone reduces cognitive empathy, or the ability to read other people's emotional states. Lower cognitive empathy is a feature of autism, a condition that predominantly affects males....
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New study shows how autism can be measured through a non-verbal marker
August 15, 2019
A Dartmouth-led research team has identified a non-verbal, neural marker of autism. This marker shows that individuals with autism are slower to dampen neural activity in response to visual signals in the brain. This first-of-its kind marker was found to be independent of intelligence and offers ...
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Brain protein mutation from child with autism causes autism-like behavioral change in mice
July 23, 2019
A de novo gene mutation that encodes a brain protein in a child with autism has been placed into the brains of mice. These mice then showed severe alterations of specific behaviors that closely resemble those seen in human autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.
This major finding from a st...
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Researchers devise a more 'child-friendly' test for autism
July 11, 2019
The current methods of diagnosing autism in children use questionnaires and psychologist evaluations. However, these methods can be stressful for those at a young age. New research now suggests an easy, more stress-free test that simply tracks the gaze....
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How a unique gene mutation may drive autism
July 4, 2019
Which factors drive autism? This is a question to which researchers still have no answer. Now, a new study conducted in mice and assessing data from humans suggests that a unique genetic mutation may play a key role in early brain development, contributing to autism....
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Could processed foods explain why autism is on the rise?
June 24, 2019
For the first time, scientists have found a molecular connection between a common food preservative, neuronal disruption, and autism spectrum disorder. The findings suggest that there may be a link between the consumption of processed foods during pregnancy and the rise of autism....
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Brain changes may explain why exercise relieves autism in mice
June 6, 2019
Exercise appears to alter the brain in ways that can reduce some of the characteristics of autism in mice.
In mice bred to model autism spe...
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