Anxiety, depression linked to more opioid use after surgery
August 22, 2019
Surgeons wielding their life-saving scalpels, laparoscopic tools, or other implements to repair or remove what ails their patients understand all too well that pain is an unavoidable part of the healing process. Yet the current opioid crisis has made the standard prescribing practices for these h...
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Machine learning models help clinicians identify people who need advanced depression care
August 20, 2019
Researchers at Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University created decision models capable of predicting which patients might need more treatment for their depression than what their primary care provider can offer. The algorithms were specifically designed to provide information the clinician c...
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New insights into how exercise can lift mood in depression
August 16, 2019
There is growing evidence that exercise can help to treat symptoms of depression and lift mood, although the reasons have been unclear. Now, a new study finds that the body's endocannabinoid system may play a role.
The researchers propose t...
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Why more depression treatments should include exercise
August 13, 2019
After assessing numerous specialist studies, a new review concludes that exercise can help to both prevent depression and treat its symptoms. However, current treatments for depression often fail to include this lifestyle adjustment, despite the strong evidence....
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Negative memory storage affects depression symptoms
August 12, 2019
Physical manifestations of negative memories in the hippocampus could underlie cognitive symptoms of depression, according to research in mice published in . Inhibiting these manifestations could be a future treatment route.
Groups of neurons that are activated after an experience are...
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Adults who mix cannabis with opioids for pain report higher anxiety, depression
August 12, 2019
A researcher from the University of Houston has found that adults who take prescription opioids for severe pain are more likely to have increased anxiety, depression and substance abuse issues if they also use marijuana.
"Given the fact that cannabis potentially has analgesic properti...
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Depression, Alzheimer's Might Be Part of Same Process in Some Aging Brains: Study
August 12, 2019

Latest Alzheimer's News

MONDAY, Aug. 12, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- New research is untangling the complex relationship between symptoms of depression and losses in memory...
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Physical fitness may help prevent depression, anxiety
August 11, 2019
Although there is evidence that exercise can boost mental health, scientists know less about whether physical fitness can prevent the onset of mental health conditions. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis take a closer look.
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Depression symptoms in Alzheimer's could be signs for cognitive decline
August 9, 2019
Increasingly, Alzheimer's disease (AD) research has focused on the preclinical stage, when people have biological evidence of AD but no or minimal symptoms, and when interventions might have the potential to prevent future decline of older adults. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (...
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Is there a link between dark chocolate and depression?
August 6, 2019
A survey-based study looking at chocolate consumption and depression finds that people who eat dark chocolate are less likely to report depressive symptoms. What do these findings mean, and can we trust them?
Over the years, chocolate has b...
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