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‘Big Brother’ Slur Controversy Addressed by Global Down Syndrome Foundation (Exclusive)
September 5, 2023
The foundation said in a statement to The Messenger that it hopes Jared Fields “will reflect upon his words” and “educate himself”
The Global Down Syndrome Foundation is speaking out about contestant Jared Fields ...
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Scientists Reveal the Harmful Impacts of Immune Hyperactivity in Down Syndrome and How to Normalize it by Repurposing Existing Drugs
August 31, 2023
In a new study, scientists at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus report the largest and deepest characterization of immune dysregulation in Down syndrome to date
AURORA, CO (July 23, 2023) – People with Down syndrome, the condition caused by an extra...
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GLOBAL Awards Improve Health for Down Syndrome
August 30, 2023
This year, the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Awards Program hit $1.1 m...
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Knowledge of building blocks of words plays an important role when deaf children learn to read, analysis shows
August 26, 2023
An understanding of how words can be broken down into smaller units of meaning plays a key role when deaf and hard of hearing children learn to read, analysis shows.
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A healthy diet, reading, and doing sports promote reasoning skills in children
August 20, 2023
According to a recent study, improved overall diet quality and reduced consumption of red meat, as well as increased time spent in reading and organized sports enhanced reasoning skills among children over the first two school years.
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2023 July GLOBAL Newsletter
August 4, 2023
A Star-Studded Fashion Show, Successful NDSC Roundtable, GLOBAL Advancement Award Winners, and more – Your July Newsletter!
The post 2023 July GLOBAL Newsletter appeared first on ...
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GLOBAL Launches Pilot Fitness Program using Mann Method PT
August 3, 2023
Mann Method PT is a 1-hour biweekly fitness program that focuses on increasing strength, balance, and cardiovascular health in participants using a variety of evidence-based exercises. The program follows the Mann Method PT and is taught by individuals trained by Sarah Mann PT, DPT, MBA, NSC...
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Global Down Syndrome Foundation AcceptAbility Gala at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
July 28, 2023
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Rosa De Lauro and Tom Cole GLOBAL Advancement Awards Given to Two Inspiring Individuals with Down Syndrome at GLOBAL’s AcceptAbility Gala
July 25, 2023
In a heartwarming celebration of talent, perseverance, and advocacy, the Global Down Syndrome Foundation (GLOBAL) recognized the remarkable accomplishments of two extraordinary individuals with Down syndrome at the 2023 AcceptAbility Gala in Washington, DC. Eric Latcheran and Melissa Silverm...
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Fifteen Years of Hard Work Recognized with Exceptional Meritorious Service Award and Standing Ovation at the NDSC Annual Convention in Orlando Florida
July 25, 2023
Global Down Syndrome Foundation President & CEO Michelle Sie Whitten Brings Large Team on Stage, Describes Their Work as a ‘Team Sport’
DENVER – July 25, 2023—Global Down Syndrome Foundation (GLOBAL) co-fou...
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