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In Arguments, U.S. Supreme Court Leans Toward Support for Religious School Aid
January 22, 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court heard an intense hour of arguments Wednesday in one of the most significant K-12 education cases in years, with conservative justices suggesting they were inclined to rule for parents who seek to reinstate a Montana tax credit ...
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Court Upholds District’s Limits on Parent’s Communications With School Staff
January 18, 2020

A federal appeals court has upheld a school district's plan limiting a parent's communications with school personnel over his daughter's education because the district said his interactions had become "unproductive" and some staff members felt "bullied and int...
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Chief Justice Warns That ‘Civic Education Has Fallen By the Wayside’
December 31, 2019

U.S. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. focused on civics education in his annual year-end report on the federal judiciary, saying "we have come to take democracy for granted, and civic education has fallen by the wayside."
"In our age, when social media...
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Eureka Math Publisher Loses in Copyright Battle Against Office Depot
December 30, 2019

Here's a school law dispute that probably would have never happened during the heyday of the blue-ink mimeograph machine.
A federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a curriculum provider alleging that Office Depot infringed...
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Genes and family are biggest predictor of academic success
December 18, 2019
Whether children will enjoy academic success can be now predicted at birth, a new study suggests.
The study, led by the University of York, found that parents' socioeconomic status and children's inherited DNA differences are powerful predictors of educational achievement.
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Supreme Court to Hear Appeals From Two Catholic Schools in Job-Bias Cases
December 18, 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to hear the appeals of two Roman Catholic schools in cases in which lower courts allowed employment-discrimination lawsuits by former teachers to proceed.
The schools, both part of the Roman Catholic Archdioces...
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U.S. Supreme Court Hears Gun-Rights Case That Resonates in Education Circles
December 2, 2019

In a gun-rights case being watched closely in education circles, some conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court seemed inclined on Monday to expand the scope of the Second Amendment to protect gun rights outside the home, but it was unclear whether there...
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Education, Other Advocacy Groups Chime In on N.Y.C. Gun Case in Supreme Court
November 26, 2019

Advocacy groups that emerged from mass school shootings in recent years are seizing an opportunity to urge the U.S. Supreme Court not to broaden the Second Amendment right to bear arms.
The groups have filed friend-of-the-court briefs in a potentially m...
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Skipping breakfast linked to lower GCSE grades
November 20, 2019
Students who rarely ate breakfast on school days achieved lower GCSE grades than those who ate breakfast frequently, according to a new study in Yorkshire.
Researchers, from the University of Leeds, have for the first time demonstrated a link between eating breakfast and GCSE performa...
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New statistical model improves the predictive power of standardized test scores
November 19, 2019
A standout essay, high grade point average and stellar standardized test scores are sometimes not enough for college admissions.
The ongoing college admission scandal underscores how influential a standardized test score has become. A test administrator is now cooperating with the inv...
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