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Should Teachers Get Vouchers for Professional Learning? Trump Thinks So
March 11, 2019

Once again, President Donald Trump's budget proposal has eliminated the $2.1 billion Title II grant program that funds class-size reductions and teacher and principal professional development. But this time, he's also proposing adding "vouchers" for PD. ...
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ASCD's Deborah Delisle to Depart in 2019
December 11, 2018

Deborah Delisle, the CEO and executive director of ASCD, has resigned, marking the latest change for the 75-year-old organization, which has struggled with membership loss and finances over the past decade.
The Alexandria, Va. -based ASCD is a top spons...
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The Best Academic Schools in Tennessee Feature the Best Character Program in the Country
December 10, 2018

Tom Vander Ark and Chris Sturgis
"Teaching has to change. If I never tap into your truth, if I never validate your truth, I've failed you as a teacher," said Valor College Prep High School teacher Matthias McNeal. About the morning meeting, McNeal a...
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Haves and Have-Nots: We Must Prioritize Outside Professional Development for ALL Teachers
December 2, 2018

As I sat on a hard, red couch in the Houston Convention Center, the only thing I could think was how lucky I was to be there. 
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Personalize Learning and Build Agency By Using the 4 PLC Questions
August 22, 2018

"What matters most is providing students with learning environments that foster high levels of learning and engagement for all students. By bringing students into the PLC conversation, we can truly give students the ability to take concrete and measura...
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