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Parents Report Obstacles in Filing Special Education Complaints, Watchdog Says
December 3, 2019

A new federal watchdog report about concerns and disputes over special education services says that parents often have a hard time initiating complaints—but also that these barriers don't affect all parents in the same way. 
"IDEA Dispute Reso...
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Does Special Education Work for Students With Learning Disabilities?
November 5, 2019

Test scores for students with learning disabilities improve after they are classified into special education, and the gains are greatest for students who entered special education before they reached middle school, a recently released report finds.
The ...
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Top Special Education Official Leaving His Post at Education Department
October 16, 2019

The U.S. Department of Education's top official in charge of special education services is leaving his post, Secretary Betsy DeVos announced Wednesday.
Johnny Collett, assistant secretary for the office of special education and rehabilitative services, has...
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How Democrats and the GOP in Congress Compare on Education Funding
September 19, 2019

This Congress is the first in four years to feature divided control between the two political parties. Now that both House and Senate education appropriations bills are public, we can compare how they've approached key funding questions and policy priorities. ...
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Preparing Students for Life After Special Education? Here's How Federal Dollars Can Help
September 18, 2019

New guidance from the U.S. Department of Education spells out how school systems and state agencies can coordinate to help students with disabilities prepare for life after high school.
A  outlines how schools can use the Individuals with Disabilit...
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Democrats Seek to Sharply Curtail Restraint, Seclusion of Students
November 12, 2018

Democrats on Capitol Hill are seeking to ban the practice of isolating students in special rooms or otherwise secluding them in schools that receive federal funds, and to limit when stud...
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iscrd connect
ISCRDconnect (Video): Using Technology and Innovative Programs to Improve Outcomes for Students with Special Needs
May 3, 2018
Find out how technology can be implemented in your district to improve outcomes for your students with special needs. Make sure you and your staff have the knowledge to meet requirements and ensure student success. ISCRDconnect is a series of digital learning sessions designed to share best practice...
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iscrd connect
ISCRDconnect (Video): IEPs: Tips for Working with External Resources and Effective Parent Communication
April 30, 2018
Tips from an expert on how to work with external resources when implementing IEPs and ensure effective communication with parents. ISCRDconnect is a series of video learning sessions designed to share best practices and innovative programs in the fields of special education and cognitive disorders.
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