Classroom behaviour and dyslexia research
March 31, 2015
Bournemouth University lecturer Dr Julie Kirkby is investigating the significance of copying and note-taking in the classroom and how it affects the learning of Dyslexic children.
Mutation in APC2 gene causes Sotos features
March 5, 2015
Sotos syndrome is a congenital syndrome that is characterized by varying degrees of mental retardation and a large head circumference etc. It is known that 90% of Sotos syndrome patients have mutations in the NSD1 gene. This time, an international research group has revealed that mutation in the ...
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A brain system that appears to compensate for autism, OCD, and dyslexia
February 17, 2015
Individuals with five neurodevelopmental disorders -- autism spectrum disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, dyslexia, and Specific Language Impairment -- appear to compensate...
Language study offers new twist on mind-body connection
February 4, 2015
Research from Northeastern professor of psychology Iris Berent and her colleagues finds that spoken language and motor systems are intricately linked -- though not in the way that has been widely...
Non-invasive first trimester blood test reliably detects Down's syndrome
February 3, 2015
Wiley. "Non-invasive first trimester blood test reliably detects Down's syndrome." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 3 February 2015. <>.
Wiley. (2015, February 3). Non-invasive first trimester blood test reliably detects Down's syndrom...
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Leaders Can Improve Student Performance by Identifying Effective Evidence
February 2, 2015

Especially in these times when opinion is often expressed as fact, it is at least important to learn the source of the information upon which the opinion is based. But, pushing for evidence is not always well received; it isn't welcomed as intellectual curiosi...
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Concentrating on word sounds helps reading instruction and intervention
January 31, 2015
UB researcher's findings point to the value of word sounds over visual processing during reading instruction or when diagnosing and treating reading disordersThese images highlight the brain...
Does ‘dyslexia’ disable teachers?
January 8, 2015
Different labels for difficulties with reading have been found to be associated with varying beliefs in how effective teachers believe they can be.
Update: Middle School Readers Need More Precise RTI Screenings, Study Finds
January 4, 2015

Happy middle school readers are all alike, but unhappy readers are unhappy in their own ways. Even response-to-intervention models, which are intended to deliver more individualized support to students, may not be screening comprehensively enough to help strug...
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Researchers identify brain regions that encode words, grammar, story
December 1, 2014
Brain scans of Harry Potter readers yield computational model of readingSome people say that reading "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" taught them the importance of friends, or that easy...
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