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Re: Canadian Medical Association Journal ends its news coverage and closes CMAJ Open

May 10, 2023
I Agree

Dear Editor,

Thank you for providing this insightful article highlighting of the recent closings of CMAJ-Open and CMAJ News.

Your readers might be interested in more about my provocative quote from the article: “If we as a society fail to publish all competent research, we have committed irreparable world scale malpractice,”

If so, that’s the first sentence of my 2016 CMAJ Editorial “Publish or perish: the moral imperative of journals”, and it outlines the ethical requirement to publish all competent research, and some ways of doing so with Efficient Beneficence (and is available here https://www.cmaj.ca/content/188/9/675.2 ).

Closure of a system-wide open journal is a death with far-reaching mortality.

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Re: Canadian Medical Association Journal ends its news coverage and closes CMAJ Open

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