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Re: Everything, every day, all at once—why we need to ask less of medical students

December 7, 2022
I Agree

Dear Editor

I applaud the authors for such a well written piece regarding toxic productivity. Indeed, this is something that I have experienced and has led to burn out in the past for me; I’d like to think that it has gone away but I still experience my inner productivity gremlin scalding me for daring to do no more than do my job and then come home.

I am reminded of Winnicott’s ‘Good Enough Mother’, and wonder if we should extrapolate this into the ‘Good Enough Doctor’. Certainly, I like to remind medical students that those that receive the highest passing marks in finals and those that receive the lowest passing marks in finals are still called ‘Doctor’.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022 – 16:17
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Re: Everything, every day, all at once—why we need to ask less of medical students

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