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Re: Supporting healthcare workers with work related stress: Response to Anani Kaura

December 7, 2022
I Agree

Dear Editor

I thank Avani Kaura for their response to our article.[1] Anani Kaura highlights the problems faced by LGBTQ+ workers in the NHS. I agree that suitable co-production to build services and resources tailored to the needs of this group are essential. It’s encouraging to see many NHS Trusts adopting policies to support LGBTQ+ workers but they remain at increased risk of problems such stress and burnout. A supportive working environment is essential for the well-being of this group.

1. Shemtob L, Good L, Ferris M, , Asanati K, Majeed A et al. Supporting healthcare workers with work related stress BMJ 2022; 379 :e070779

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Re: Supporting healthcare workers with work related stress: Response to Anani Kaura

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