Autism in Communities Around the World

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About the Authors

Jean Blosser, CCC-SLP, EdD
Fellow, The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
President, Creative Strategies for Special Education

Jean Blosser is passionate about creating systems in our schools that ensure high quality, results-oriented education. She is an internationally recognized expert, author and speaker in school services for children with disabilities. To Jean, collaboration is essential! She believes engagement and interaction between parents, teachers, and therapists will guarantee that children reach their highest potential.

Holly Kaiser, MA, CCC-SLP
Fellow, The California Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Chief Operating Officer, Creative Strategies for Special Education

Holly Kaiser embraces the evolving changes in special education as a great opportunity to make a positive impact on students’ success. She is a leader in state and national professional associations and promotes high standards of education, leadership, and quality of care. She led a national therapy company known for its excellent staff, mentoring programs, and therapy management services.

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