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Research challenges conventional wisdom about key autism trait
September 25, 2020
A new study into the causes of sensorimotor impairments prevalent among autistic people could pave the way for better treatment and management in the future, say psychologists.
World first study links obesity with reduced brain plasticity
September 24, 2020
A world-first study has found that severely overweight people are less likely to be able to re-wire their brains and find new neural pathways, a discovery that has significant implications for people recovering from a stroke or brain injury.
Fructose made in the brain could be a mechanism driving Alzheimer’s disease, researchers propose
September 23, 2020
New research proposes that Alzheimer's disease may be driven by the overactivation of fructose made in the brain. The study outlined the hypothesis that Alzheimer's is a modern disease driven by changes in dietary lifestyle that has resulted in excessive fructose metabolism in the brain....
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Sport and memory go hand in hand
September 23, 2020
If sport is good for the body, it also seems to be good for the brain. By evaluating memory performance following a sport session, neuroscientists demonstrate that an intensive physical exercise session improves memory. How? Through the action of endocanabinoids, molecules known to increase synaptic...
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Having high cholesterol levels early in life leads to heart problems by middle age
September 22, 2020
Having elevated cholesterol during the teens or early twenties increases a person's risk of having a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular event during middle age.
Small increase in risk of autism seen for pre- and post-term births
September 22, 2020
A study of more than 3.5 million Nordic children suggests that the risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may increase slightly for each week a child is born before or after 40 weeks of gestation.
Biomarker indicating neurodegeneration identified in the eye
September 21, 2020
A new study indicates a well-known biomarker that serves as a marker for earlier diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases is now detectable in the eye. Neurofilament light chain, a protein previously detected in cerebrospinal fluid and blood that is being explored as a biomarker to detect neurodegene...
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Scientists advance understanding of blood-brain barrier health
September 21, 2020
In a study with potential impacts on a variety of neurological diseases, researchers have provided the first experimental evidence from a living organism to show that an abundant, star-shaped brain cell known as an astrocyte is essential for blood-brain barrier health....
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Mosquito-borne viruses linked to stroke
September 18, 2020
A deadly combination of two mosquito-borne viruses may be a trigger for stroke, new research has found.
Stroke scans could reveal COVID-19 infection
September 17, 2020
New research has found that COVID-19 may be diagnosed on the same emergency scans intended to diagnose stroke.
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