Anxiety, depression linked to more opioid use after surgery
August 22, 2019
Surgeons wielding their life-saving scalpels, laparoscopic tools, or other implements to repair or remove what ails their patients understand all too well that pain is an unavoidable part of the healing process. Yet the current opioid crisis has made the standard prescribing practices for these h...
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Brain study probes molecular origins of anxiety
August 19, 2019
Scientists have found that increasing the levels of a molecule in a particular part of the brain can reduce anxious temperament in young monkeys.
The finding sheds light on the origins of ...
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Adults who mix cannabis with opioids for pain report higher anxiety, depression
August 12, 2019
A researcher from the University of Houston has found that adults who take prescription opioids for severe pain are more likely to have increased anxiety, depression and substance abuse issues if they also use marijuana.
"Given the fact that cannabis potentially has analgesic properti...
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Physical fitness may help prevent depression, anxiety
August 11, 2019
Although there is evidence that exercise can boost mental health, scientists know less about whether physical fitness can prevent the onset of mental health conditions. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis take a closer look.
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Why stress and anxiety aren't always bad
August 10, 2019
People generally think of stress and anxiety as negative concepts, but while both stress and anxiety can reach unhealthy levels, psychologists have long known that both are unavoidable -- and that they often play a helpful, not harmful, role in our daily lives, according to a presentation at the ...
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False missile alert may have 'benefited' people with anxiety
July 30, 2019
New research from the American Psychological Association has examined the effects of a missile strike alarm — which turned out to be false — on the anxiety levels of Twitter users.
On the morning of ...
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Compound found in red wine opens door for new treatments for depression, anxiety
July 29, 2019
Like to unwind with a glass of red wine after a stressful day? Don't give alcohol all the credit.
New research has revealed that the plant compound resveratrol, which is found in red wine, displays anti-stress effects by blocking the expression of an enzyme related to the control of s...
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Music may replace sedatives for treating pre-op anxiety
July 28, 2019
Before undergoing an operation, most people experience some form of anxiety. Although this response is common, it is not unproblematic, and treatment often involves a sedative with a whole host of possible side effects. But new research may have found an alternative....
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Fracking activities may contribute to anxiety and depression during pregnancy
July 24, 2019
A new study led by a researcher at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health identifies a link between proximity to hydraulic fracking activities and mental health issues during pregnancy. Results appear in the journal .
The researchers looked at 7,715 mothers without anxiet...
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Combined online self-management for pain, associated anxiety and depression works
July 22, 2019
Pain is the most common physical symptom for which adults seek medical attention in the United States, while anxiety and depression are the most common mental health symptoms for which adults visit a doctor. Drugs, especially opioids, may not be the only or best therapy.
Highlighting ...
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