‘White matter lesion’ mapping tool identifies early signs of dementia
October 27, 2020
A new tool for analyzing tissue damage seen on MRI brain scans can detect with more than 70% accuracy early signs of cognitive decline, new research shows.
Study finds PTSD interacts with klotho gene, may cause premature aging in the brain
October 26, 2020
Genetics and the environment (including psychiatric stress) may contribute to the pace of cellular aging, causing some individuals to have a biological age that exceeds their chronological age.
Gut hormone blocks brain cell formation and is linked to Parkinson’s dementia
October 22, 2020
A gut hormone, ghrelin, is a key regulator of new nerve cells in the adult brain, a research team has discovered. It could help pave the way for new drugs to treat dementia in patients with Parkinson's Disease.
Bacterial metabolism of dietary soy may lower risk factor for dementia
October 22, 2020
A metabolite produced following consumption of dietary soy may decrease a key risk factor for dementia - with the help of the right bacteria, according to a new discovery.
Community noise may affect dementia risk
October 21, 2020
Results from a new study support emerging evidence suggesting that noise may influence individuals' risk of developing dementia later in life.
Phase 3 clinical trial to treat mild Alzheimer’s disease using deep brain stimulation
October 21, 2020
Medical researchers are enrolling individuals in an international phase 3 clinical trial to examine the safety and effectiveness of deep brain stimulation to treat Alzheimer's. The study uses electrical impulses to stimulate the region of the brain known as the fornix, which is associated with memor...
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New anti-AB vaccine could help halt Alzheimer’s progression, preclinical study finds
October 20, 2020
A preclinical study by neuroscientists indicates that an antigen-presenting dendritic vaccine with a specific antibody response to oligomeric A-beta may be safer and offer clinical benefit in treating Alzheimer's disease. The vaccine uses immune cells known as dendritic cells loaded with a modified ...
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Researchers discover neuroprotective treatment for chronic traumatic brain injury
October 19, 2020
TBI survivors are currently treated with extensive physical and cognitive rehabilitation, accompanied by medications that may mitigate symptoms yet do not halt or slow neurodegeneration. Now, researchers have found for the first time that this process can be pharmacologically reversed in an animal m...
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What lies between grey and white in the brain
October 19, 2020
A multidisciplinary team has succeeded in making the superficial white matter visible in the living human brain.
One-two punch of symptoms that exacerbate Alzheimer’s
October 16, 2020
A new Alzheimer's study found that impaired blood flow in the brain is correlated with the buildup of tau tangles, a hallmark indicator of cognitive decline.The work suggests that treatments targeting vascular health in the brain -- as well as amyloid plaques and tau tangles -- may be more effective...
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