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Study: Shared Decision-Making Influences ADHD Treatment for Black Children
March 24, 2023

Low-income Black families are more likely to seek medication treatment for their children with ADHD following positive experiences and collaborative involvement with healthcare providers and schools, according to a new study published in the ...
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Q: “How Do Doctors Decide Which ADHD Medication to Prescribe First?”
March 23, 2023
Q: “With so many ADHD medications on the market, how do doctors decide which medication to try first on someone who is newly diagnosed? Is there a tried-and-true process doctors use to get to the right medication and dosage for a patient?”

Each clinician has their own way of ...
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Telomere shortening — a sign of cellular aging — linked to signs of Alzheimer's in brain scans
March 22, 2023
Changes in the brain caused by Alzheimer's disease are associated with shortening of the telomeres -- the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes that shorten as cells age -- according to a new study.
How the brain's 'internal compass' works
March 22, 2023
Scientists have gained new insights into the part of the brain that gives us a sense of direction, by tracking neural activity with the latest advances in brain imaging techniques. The findings shed light on how the brain orients itself in changing environments -- and even the processes that can go ...
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Is bone health linked to brain health?
March 22, 2023
People who have low bone density may have an increased risk of developing dementia compared to people who have higher bone density. The study does not prove that low bone density causes dementia. It only shows an association.
Q: “My Teen Doesn’t Know How to Study!”
March 22, 2023
Q: “My 15-year-old daughter is doing well enough in school, but it’s always by the skin of her teeth. I know her ADHD is getting in her way. Tests surprise her. She doesn’t seem to know how to prepare or study. What solutions have helped other teens prepare for exams?”— Pla...
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ADHD at the Center: A Whole-Life, Whole-Person Condition
March 21, 2023
ADHD is more than the sum of its symptoms. It touches your life from the moment you wake up to the instant you finally nod off. (In truth, ADHD continues to work its influence while you sleep.) Your health, personality and preferences, friendships and relationships — and truly everything e...
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Researchers uncover a protein deficiency in neurons of patients with neurodegenerative diseases that could be targeted by new gene therapy approach
March 20, 2023
Researchers discovered that a protein called Stathmin-2 is lost in these neurons, which prevents them from regenerating after injury and disrupts their connection with the muscles to control movements.
“My Call of the Void: What Intrusive Thoughts Taught Me About ADHD”
March 18, 2023
On an episode of an ADHD-related podcast I recently heard, the guest shared a familiar backstory — one of lifelong frustration and sweet relief after receiving an ADHD diagnosis in adulthood. D...
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Q: “Why Are There So Many Different ADHD Medications?”
March 17, 2023
Q: “Our child is newly diagnosed with ADHD. Saying yes to trying medication alone was tough for us, and now we are positively overwhelmed with all the available medication options. And frustrated. Unbeknownst to us, our doctor initially prescribed a medication in capsule form, which my son...
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