Mental health conditions alarmingly high among children with autism, study finds
January 19, 2021
Nearly 78 per cent of children with autism have at least one mental health condition and nearly half have more than that, according to a new study. Mental health conditions were present in 44.8 per cent of pre-school age children with autism -- a group among which prevalence had not previously been ...
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Prenatal BPA exposure may contribute to the male bias of autism spectrum disorder
January 19, 2021
Autism has a higher prevalence in males than females. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a common chemical found in plastics, our food, and even the human placenta. Higher prenatal exposure to BPA is thought to increase the risk of autism. Researchers have identified autism candidate genes that may be responsible...
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Mothers of children with autism found to have significantly different metabolite levels
January 13, 2021
Blood sample analysis showed that, two to five years after they gave birth, mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) had several significantly different metabolite levels compared to mothers of typically developing children.
Biomarkers in fathers’ sperm linked to offspring autism
January 11, 2021
Epigenetic biomarkers in human sperm have been identified that can indicate a propensity to father children with autism spectrum disorder. In the study, researchers identified a set of genomic features, called DNA methylation regions, in sperm samples from men who were known to have autistic childre...
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Common brain malformation traced to its genetic roots
December 28, 2020
Researchers have shown that Chiari 1 malformation can be caused by variations in two genes linked to brain development, and that children with large heads are at increased risk of developing the condition.
Computational model reveals how the brain manages short-term memories
December 17, 2020
Scientists have developed a new computational model showing how the brain maintains information short-term using specific types of neurons. Their findings could help shed light on why working memory is impaired in a broad range of neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, as well as in no...
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Big brains and white matter: New clues about autism subtypes
December 17, 2020
Researchers found that a long-accepted theory about brain size in some children with autism may not be true. In a separate study, they linked development of white matter with changes in autism symptom severity.
New insights into Fragile X syndrome and the fetal brain
December 16, 2020
Researchers have revealed further insight into the fetal development of our brain and the potential causes of Fragile X syndrome (FSX).
Lab-grown human brain organoids mimic an autism spectrum disorder, help test treatments
December 8, 2020
Researchers used brain organoids to identify two drug candidates that counteract the genetic deficiencies that cause Rett syndrome, a rare form of autism spectrum disorder.
Autism study suggests connection between repetitive behaviors, gut problems
December 3, 2020
In children with autism, repetitive behaviors and gastrointestinal problems may be connected, new research has found. The study found that increased severity of other autism symptoms was also associated with more severe constipation, stomach pain and other gut difficulties....
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