Large study confirms: Siblings of autistic children have 20% chance of autism
July 17, 2024
A new, large study confirms earlier findings that children with an autistic sibling have a 20% chance of being autistic themselves.
Why are board games so popular among many people with autism? New research explains
July 12, 2024
Board gaming is a growing industry, and anecdotally popular among people who display autistic traits. Now new research has highlighted the science supporting the anecdote -- and the important reasons behind the link.
How our brains develop facial recognition skills: New face-detecting brain circuit
July 2, 2024
Scientists have uncovered a brain circuit in primates that rapidly detects faces. The findings help not only explain how primates sense and recognize faces, but could also have implications for understanding conditions such as autism, where face detection and recognition are often impaired from earl...
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Finding the sweet spot in brain development
July 1, 2024
Short-lived neural connections in the mouse brain help prime sensory circuits, forever affecting the mouse's sense of touch. Neuroscientists have discovered that a receptor protein named mGluR1 helps regulate the timing of these temporary connections. Their findings may help reveal the origins of va...
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Researchers develop RNA-targeting technology for precisely manipulating parts of human genes
June 24, 2024
Researchers have harnessed a bacterial immune defense system, known as CRISPR, to efficiently and precisely control the process of RNA splicing. The technology opens the door to new applications, including systematically interrogating the functions of parts of genes and correcting splicing deficienc...
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ChatGPT is biased against resumes with credentials that imply a disability — but it can improve
June 21, 2024
Researchers found that ChatGPT consistently ranked resumes with disability-related honors and credentials -- such as the 'Tom Wilson Disability Leadership Award' -- lower than the same resumes without those honors and credentials. But when researchers customized the tool with written instructions di...
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Family psychiatric history: Effects on siblings of children with autism
June 19, 2024
Children who have an older sibling with autism spectrum disorder (autism) are at greater risk of developmental vulnerabilities if they also have other relatives with neurodevelopmental or psychiatric conditions, according to a new study.
Younger children in school year are more commonly diagnosed with ADHD than their older classmates, says new study
June 6, 2024
New research has found that teachers may be attributing signs of age-related immaturity in children, to conditions such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The results of the study showed that the youngest students in a class, with birth dates just b...
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Wearable brain imaging gives clearest ever picture of children's developing brain
June 4, 2024
New research has given the clearest ever picture of young children's developing brains, using a wearable brain scanner to map electrical brain activity. The work opens up new possibilities for tracking how critical developmental milestones, like walking and talking, are underpinned by changing brain...
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Eye-tracking techniques could help primary care providers diagnose autism sooner, more accurately
May 31, 2024
A new paper describes a research team's study of autism diagnosis using eye tracking biomarkers at primary care clinics across Indiana.