A deep look into the progression of Parkinson's Disease
September 29, 2023
Scientists have used cutting-edge imaging techniques to shed light on the progression of Parkinson's disease by studying how the main culprit, the protein alpha-synuclein, disrupts cellular metabolism.
Novel tau PET tracer exhibits high sensitivity and specificity, allowing for earlier identification of Alzheimer's disease
September 29, 2023
A new tau PET radiotracer, 18F-SNFT-1, has been found to be more effective than existing tau PET radiotracers in identifying Alzheimer’s disease in its earliest stages, according to research. In a head-to-head comparison, 18F-SNFT-1 possessed preferable brain pharmacokinetics and demonstrated hi...
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Uncovering how our cells process cholesterol
September 28, 2023
Scientists have found how human cells distribute and maintain their cholesterol levels, aiding in research in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, as well as cardiovascular diseases.
Scientists shed light on how stressed cells sequester protein-forming mRNAs
September 28, 2023
Researchers have illuminated one of the important ways that cells respond to stress. The findings could also be relevant to Alzheimer's, ALS and other diseases in which this mechanism may be abnormally active.
Decoding the complexity of Alzheimer's disease
September 28, 2023
Using more than 2 million cells from over 400 postmortem brain samples, researchers performed the largest-scale analysis of the genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic changes that occur in every cell type in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.
Marker for brain inflammation finally decoded
September 25, 2023
Inflammation is the sign that our body is defending itself against an aggression. But when this response escalates, for example in the brain, it can lead to serious neurological or psychiatric diseases. A team investigated a marker protein targeted by medical imaging to visualize cerebral inflammati...
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Researchers connect Alzheimer's-associated genetic variants with brain cell function
September 22, 2023
Research reveals new non-coding genetic variants associated with Alzheimer's disease functioning in microglia -- brain cells already implicated in the progression of this often-fatal neurodegenerative condition.
New blood marker can identify Parkinsonian diseases
September 18, 2023
Is it possible that a single biomarker can detect all types of diseases related to dopamine deficiency in the brain? Yes, that's what a research group is discovering. 'We have observed that an enzyme in cerebrospinal fluid and in blood is a useful marker for identifying all types of Parkinson's-rela...
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Telecare cuts costs, boosts quality of life for dementia patients
September 18, 2023
A telecare program that improves outcomes for patients with dementia and lightens the load for unpaid caregivers also has the surprising bonus of cutting Medicare costs, according to new research.
Could a breakdown in the brain's networks allow infections to contribute to Alzheimer's disease?
September 13, 2023
New data gives more evidence to the possibility that developing a pathobiome in the brain could cause some forms of Alzheimer's and related dementias.