Insight into cells' 'self-eating' process could pave the way for new dementia treatments
August 21, 2019
Cells regularly go through a process called autophagy -- literally translated as 'self-eating' -- which helps to destroy bacteria and viruses after infection.
When it works, this process counteracts neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia and Huntington's Disease, by getting rid...
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How to Protect a Loved One With Dementia During a Heat Wave
August 20, 2019

Latest Alzheimer's News

MONDAY, Aug. 19, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Heat waves can pose a serious risk to people with Alzheimer's disease...
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Dementia risk: The role of 'blood pressure patterns'
August 19, 2019
Researchers are growing increasingly interested in the relationship between blood pressure and dementia. The most recent study investigates how patterns of change in blood pressure over the decades might influence risk.
As the United States...
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Social activity in your 60s may lower dementia risk by 12%
August 15, 2019
New research over a 28-year follow-up period finds significant evidence that frequent social contact at the age of 60 can lower the risk of developing dementia later on.
The link between having a rich social life and brain health has receiv...
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Dementia care program improves mental health of patients, caregivers
August 14, 2019
UCLA-led research finds that a comprehensive dementia care program staffed by nurse practitioners working within a health system improves the mental and emotional health of patients and their caregivers.
While the program did not slow the progression of dementia, it did reduce patient...
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Migraine diagnoses positively associated with all-cause dementia
August 14, 2019
Several studies have recently focused on the association between migraine headaches and other headaches and dementia and found a positive migraine-dementia relationship. However, most of these studies have failed to simultaneously adjust for several common comorbidities, thus potentially introduc...
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Abnormal blood pressure in middle and late life influences dementia risk
August 14, 2019
In a study that spanned two and a half decades and looked at data from more than 4,700 participants, Johns Hopkins researchers have added to evidence that abnormal blood pressure in midlife persisting into late life increases the likelihood of developing dementia. Although not designed to show ca...
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Positive effect of music and dance on dementia proven by New Zealand study
August 8, 2019
Stereotypically viewed as passive and immobile, older adults with dementia seem to have experienced an improved quality of life after exposure to music and dance through a University of Otago, New Zealand, pilot study.
Researchers from the Department of Dance and Department of Psychol...
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7 'simple' steps for heart health may also stave off dementia
August 8, 2019
New research suggests that "Life's Simple 7" steps for maintaining heart health may also be a useful tool for predicting dementia risk and preventing the neurological condition.
The lead author of the new study is Séverine Sabia, of ...
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Good heart health at age 50 linked to lower dementia risk later in life
August 7, 2019
Good cardiovascular health at age 50 is associated with a lower risk of dementia later in life, finds a study of British adults published by today.
The researchers say their findings support public health policies to improve cardiovascular health in middle age to promote later brain ...
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