Scientists reveal two paths to autism in the developing brain
August 10, 2023
Two distinct neurodevelopmental abnormalities that arise just weeks after the start of brain development have been associated with the emergence of autism spectrum disorder, according to a new study in which researchers developed brain organoids from the stem cells of boys diagnosed with the disorde...
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A new sensor shows brain cells making and then breaking contact
July 18, 2023
Researchers have developed a fluorescent sensor that may be useful for understanding how cells recognize themselves versus other cells when making connections in the brain. Specifically, their sensor can be used to visualize not only connections between cells, but also the disassociation of these in...
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Boosting certain brain cells diminished hypersensitivity in Fragile X mice
July 13, 2023
Study suggests modulating the activity of certain neurons could be an effective approach to restoring circuit function.
THC use during pregnancy linked to changes in fetal development
July 6, 2023
Researchers showed that consuming THC while pregnant could potentially affect development of the fetus and lead to life-long health impacts for offspring.
Antisense therapy restores fragile X protein production in human cells
July 5, 2023
An antisense therapy restores production of the protein FMRP in cell samples taken from patients with fragile X syndrome. This breakthrough was possible because of the novel findings, also presented in the study, that aberrant alternative splicing of messenger RNA (mRNA) plays a principal role in fr...
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What marsupials can teach us about brain development
May 23, 2023
Research has revealed features of early human brain development are mimicked in the brains of marsupials.
Scientists discover how mutations in a language gene produce speech deficits
May 4, 2023
Researchers find mutations of the Foxp2 gene disrupt the formation of synapses in the brain's striatum, which plays important roles in the control of movement, in mice. A new study sheds light on how Foxp2 controls speech production.
Immune system sculpts rat brains during development
April 27, 2023
Researchers have identified the mechanism for why and how one brain region differs in size between male and female rats. The study found that immune system cells in the brains of females consume and digest neurons to sculp a region of the brain during development and that later affects behavioral pr...
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How long-lasting memories form in the brain
April 25, 2023
Helping your mother make pancakes when you were three...riding your bike without training wheels...your first romantic kiss: How do we retain vivid memories of long-ago events?
A gene involved in Down syndrome puts the brakes on neurons' activity in mice
April 20, 2023
Researchers have found that an extra copy of a gene in Down syndrome patients causes improper development of neurons in mice.