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  • Ruth - CAS

    Ruth W. CAS & Licensed Professional Counselor

    Having worked with neurodiverse clients for over two decades, my CAS credential validates my extensive experience. It has deepened my understanding of neurodiversity, enabling me to better assist clients in navigating their world and self-understanding. This enriches my counseling practice significantly.

  • Catlin W CNP

    Caitlin W., Owner of DRC Development, CNP

    My CNP credential has been invaluable, not only in my direct practice but also in my leadership roles in healthcare and tech education. It has equipped me with a nuanced approach to engaging with both neurodiverse individuals and those less familiar with neurodiversity, enhancing my professional versatility.

  • Eleni G ACAS

    Eleni G., Clinical Case Coordinator & ACAS

    Obtaining my Advanced Certified Autism Specialist (ACAS) credential has empowered me with the confidence to make impactful changes in the lives of my students and to focus more effectively on their success. I apply tailored strategies for each student, ensuring that the educational plans I develop are personalized and effective.

  • Emma Robb Aquaventure

    Emma F., Training Manager at Aquaventure Atlantis Dubai

    With the increase in people who are diagnosed with autism and other sensory conditions, we want to make sure that we’re partnering with the right people to give us guidance and support. We learned over the course of doing this, that it takes connection and communication. It’s always the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Many of our colleagues now feel more empowered to recognize and maybe anticipate these kinds of conditions, and rather than it snowballing and becoming a negative experience, it’s a positive one for everybody.

  • CAS - OT

    Aroosa N., Clinical Director, OT and CAS

    The IBCCES Certified Autism Specialist training has benefited me a lot in enhancing my knowledge and understanding more about Autism and other neuro developmental disorders. It provided me a platform to gain international acknowledgement with its professional training. The IBCCES certification along with my additional trainings has provided me with more confidence to work with great dedication and motivation in the field. The concepts I learned through IBCCES training were very helpful when I practically applied those in my daily therapy sessions.

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