This program is specifically designed for an individual who currently holds an Autism Certificate (AC) or Certified Autism Certificate (CAS) from IBCCES (bundle is available for those who need to complete the pre-requisite program and the advanced program). The goal is to provide behavioral intervention training and best practices to professionals working with autistic individuals.

The training and certification is designed to help educators and healthcare professionals successfully implement behavioral programming in the home, center, school or community environments. During the course, you can implement what you learn to help improve outcomes for your students or clients.

Certification Competencies

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*Registration fee includes 35 CE hours of online training, application fee, exam, and credential for advanced certification + autism certification.

Benefits of Certification

Gain Professional Recognition For Your Expertise

Learn Most-Up-To-Date Best Practices

Learn New Strategies Designed to Help Overcome Common Challenges

Improve Outcomes

Certification Requirements

Requirements Advanced Certified Autism Specialist Advanced Autism Certificate
Degree + Experience Bachelors + 10 years experience
-OR- Masters + 2 years experience
Must currently (or soon to) be providing services to individuals with autism
Prerequisite for Advanced Certification Must currently hold CAS credential (or purchase bundle) Must currently hold AC crendential (or purchase bundle)
CE hours (training content included with program) 21 21
Certification Fee if Prerequisite is Met (includes training, exam + credential) $669 $469
Renewal Fee
(every 2 years)
$299 $249
Bundle Certification Package (includes prerequisite certification + advanced program) $875 $555

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For more information on how to maintain your certification, please review our Certification Renewal Policy and Code of Ethics and Standards.

ACAS Eligibility Requirements

AAC Eligibility Requirements

Registration fees include online training required for certification, exam, application review, and certification if all requirements are met.

  • Educators
  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Therapy Assistants
  • Early Intervention staff
  • Learning Center Staff
  • Behavior Therapists
  • Clinic Staff
  • Program Support Staff

Individual Benefits

Advanced Certification will:

  • Enhance your professional reputation and credibility.
  • Recognize your mastery of the specialist-level in autism and behavioral intervention training.
  • Increase your opportunity for career advancement and increased earnings.
  • Recognize your voluntary effort to meet rigorous professional standards in ongoing professional development.
  • Include your name on the online public registry of Advanced Certified Autism Specialists or Advanced Autism Certificate

Once you have completed the requirements for the certification:

  • You will be issued an official Certification Number;
  • Your name will be listed in the International Registry as an Advanced Certified Autism Specialists or Advanced Autism Certificate Holder;
  • You will receive an official certificate to display in your classroom or office;
  • You will receive an authorized wallet ID card to demonstrate your new credentials to parents, employers, insurance professionals and others;
  • digital badge is available upon request for use on digital resumes and social media;
  • Your credential number can be verified by employers at

Organization Benefits (School or Clinic)

Having a staff member with an Advanced Certification:

  • Reduces the chance of litigation in your district.
  • Differentiates your school or healthcare facility from your competitors.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to on-going training in autism and behavior to parents and clients.
  • Improves your grant qualifications.
  • Assists in demonstrating compliance with local and state guidelines for professional development.

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  • Lindsay Campbell ACAS

    Lindsay Campbell, BCBA, QBA, ACAS

    I work mostly with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, so this specialized training has supplemented what my post-graduate degree did not provide specific to ASD. I utilize this training on a daily basis when I am creating and implementing treatment programs for my clients.

  • Ember Freitas ACAS, BCCS

    Ember Freitas, Special Education Teacher

    I implement what I learned every time I walk into a room. I have to use the skills and keep the information I learned in the front of my mind when teachers need support with their students. The unique needs of this special population require innovative thinking and supports.

  • Mak Jackson ACAS

    Mak Jackson, ACAS

    The Advanced Autism Certificate program is extremely well organized and the content is pragmatic with the underlying principles clearly explained together with demonstration performed by a therapist.
    I have learned a lot! I am fully satisfied with it. What an excellent program!!

  • Ugochi Ibeh AAC

    Ugochi Ibeh, MSc. CAMH, AAC, Psychologist

    I have used it in the drafting of IEPs for the children I work with and figuring out more creative measures to use in teaching.

  • Monisha Karandikar - ACAS, BCCS, SMHS

    Monisha Karandikar, ACAS, Individual Needs Teacher

    The certification training is very beneficial as I carry out my responsibilities for the kids with varying cognitive needs and other developmental issues. With the training I’ve received from the IBCCES, I am confident my students here will continue to receive high-quality support services that acknowledge their unique talents and abilities, and see their potentials become a reality.

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