Requirements for maintaining certification:

  • Maintain your credential by paying the certification fee due every two years.
  • Submit the number of CE hours required for your certification that have been obtained within the last 2 years.
  • Abide by the IBCCES Standards and Code of Ethics.

Renewal Steps:

  1. Log into your profile and select Renew Now.
  2. Process renewal fee. Note: some program renewals automatically come with renewal training modules; others you will need purchase for a small fee if you do not have CEs from another source that meet requirements.
  3. Update your profile details. Check for any missing information or changes.
    *Note: Due to increased identity verification procedures you must upload a picture and include your birthdate before saving under the identification heading.
  4. Upload your CE certificates from the past 2 years (or complete the IBCCES-provided renewal CEs).
  5. Submit your renewal. Your new digital certificate and badge will be available once IBCCES has approved your renewal.

Certification Renewal Policies

Renewals are valid from the date of expiration plus two years, not the date of renewal. Therefore, applicants are advised to renew early and avoid late fees.

It is the responsibility of every certificant to maintain his or her credential and comply with all requirements, regardless of whether he or she receives direct reminders to do so. IBCCES does make a reasonable effort to contact certificants prior to their renewal date. However, no deadlines or fees will be waived based upon a failure to receive reminders or a failure on the certificant’s part to keep track of the credential expiration date.

You are advised to keep IBCCES informed of any changes in your contact information including email address. Applicants with an expired credential are not permitted to use any certification image, name, or logo in any manner in which to identify themselves per the IBCCES standards.

If you have questions regarding your renewal or approved CE hours, please contact us.

Credentials are valid for two years. Applicants are expected to renew prior to the expiration date of their credential.  Failure to renew by the expiration date will result in loss of the credential, full price for recertification, and retaking the Autism Competency exam.

CE Hours – Acceptable Continuing Education

All CE hours must fall within the CE guidelines established by IBCCES and MUST meet the competencies as outlined for your certification program. The same amount of CE hours as you initially completed for your program must be obtained for renewal (for example, if your originally completed 14 CEs to complete the CAS credential, you must show proof of or purchase 14 CEs for renewal). One CE hour is defined as one clock hour (60 minutes) as a direct learner. CE hours must be within the last two years (24 month period) and after your initial certification period. If you’re unsure whether CEs will be approved for renewal, please contact us directly.

CE Type Documentation
College or University coursework Official transcript with course name and syllabus showing content within the program competencies of your certification.
CE hours issued by an approved continuing education provider Certificate or official letter from provider. Must state your name, title, date, presenter, and hours earned.
Presenter or Instruction of college or university course or an Approved conference Letter from the department chair or conference provider. Documentation should include your name, title, date, and summary of content.
District or center provided training Certificate with name, title, date, presenter, and number of hours obtained. Content must fall within the areas of competency and be approved by IBCCES.


IBCCES requires training from outside sources to be pre-approved or from a credible source and meet all renewal requirements. IBCCES reserves the right to make this determination at our discretion.

*Note:  Dates and time are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone in the United States. Late applications and fees are based on the EST zone, regardless of your location.  It is highly recommended that you begin the renewal process a month prior to expiration of your credential.

Activities not accepted for CE hours: Attending meetings; Serving on a committee or board; Volunteer activities; Routine work experience when it is a part of your job responsibility; Work experience; Unsupervised or self-study; Publications or authoring a scholarly piece; Supervision activities; Research activities; Curriculum development