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Individuals with autism can often appear to be acting out or misbehaving by choice when it is really that they are having issues with communication. We offer training in autism and other disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and others can help teachers and administrators to recognize and address these issues in whole new ways they have never had training for.


Healthcare Workers

OTs, SLPs and other healthcare practitioners are all highly trained in their field but typically lack training in autism. This often limits the results of their treatments due to most standardized practices being formulated for neurotypical individuals. Find out how to approach people with autism differently to achieve better results through understanding and working with their sensory differences.

Workforce Training

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Neurodiversity training can help individuals who think differently in your organization be more productive, help find new people for roles that are typically hard to fill or require different and rare skillsets, and help to create a more inclusive and dynamic atmosphere that research has shown to be beneficial across the workforce.

Travel Agent Certification

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When families with individuals on the autism spectrum travel they have a range of concerns that go beyond the typical family. They know whoever plans their trip needs to understand their unique situation, and that’s why they often look for a travel professional certified in autism to be the resource they need.

Certification for Veterans

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Continuing education and training in autism and other disorders can help to distinguish veterans looking to integrate back into the workforce and set applicants apart in a job search.