Autism Certification for Hotels and Resorts

Elevating Guest Experiences Through Enhanced Accessibility Measures

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At IBCCES, we believe that an exceptional stay is more than just accommodations; it’s about creating an inclusive, welcoming environment for all guests, including those who are autistic or have sensory sensitivities. Hotels and resorts play a pivotal role in this mission, offering unique experiences that cater to every guest’s needs.

Empowering Accommodations for Memorable Stays

Our focus extends to ensuring that hotels and resorts are not just ‘autism-friendly’ but truly autism-inclusive. By training staff and providing various options for autistic guests and their families, we help create an environment where everyone feels safe, welcomed, and valued. This approach opens up new possibilities for families and individuals to enjoy their stay, make lasting memories, and explore without constraints.

Certified Autism Center™ Designation: A Mark of Inclusive Excellence

Earning the Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) designation is more than a certification; it’s a commitment to excellence and inclusivity. This recognition signifies that your hotel or resort is equipped to welcome all guests, enhancing the experience not just for autistic individuals but for all guests and staff. It’s about transforming the hospitality experience into one that is universally enjoyable and accessible.

Benefits of Certification

Building Confidence, Improving Experiences

dad & son checking into Certified Autism Center hotel

Stand out from your competitors

Increase market share and drive revenue

The CAC certification is more than a badge; it’s a tool that empowers your staff to confidently handle a variety of guest interactions. It ensures that your organization is fully prepared to meet the needs of autistic guests and those with other sensory sensitivities. By improving staff confidence and capability, we enhance the overall guest experience, making every visit memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Position-specific, customized online training for staff

Gain knowledge & confidence in guest-facing scenarios

The Competitive Advantage of Certification

  • Enhance Staff Morale & Empowerment

  • Become confident in your ability to provide travel/entertainment solutions to an underserved market

  • International recognition for your expertise in the fastest growing market in the travel/entertainment industry

  • Ability to contact IBCCES experts at any time with questions

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All Certified Autism Centers™ meet the following requirements:

Dedicated to serving autistic individuals

At least 80% of guest-facing staff trained and certified in autism

Committed to ongoing training and accessibility (renewal requirement every 2 years)

An onsite review by IBCCES experts includes a comprehensive report with suggested changes or modifications & sensory guides for activities. (requirement dependent on size of the organization)

Did You Know?

1 in 36 diagnosis rate
1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism in the US (varies globally)

millions of adults
Millions of adults are autistic but were never formally diagnosed

1 in 6 people have a sensory need or sensitivity


  • Position specific online training for staff – there is no one-size fits all
  • 2-year certification
  • Onsite review by an expert that includes a comprehensive report with suggested modifications to better serve autistic individuals or those with sensory needs, as well as sensory guides for attractions or interactive features.


  • Listing on International Online Registry of Certified Autism Centers™
  • Press release from IBCCES announcing CAC
  • Framed certification for display
  • Customized identification adhesives to showcase CAC status on staff badges/nametags
  • Validated CAC Badge for website and social media
  • Featured on, accessible to parents, individuals and families worldwide
  • Included on the IBCCES Accessibility App – a mobile app connects people of various abilities to more inclusive and accessible locations, services and more

Your team will complete our online training and certification process. And 80% of guest-facing staff must complete the program to earn Certified Autism Center™ designation.

certification process
*Your organization may undergo an onsite review by IBCCES experts includes a comprehensive report with suggested changes or modifications to better serve autistic individuals, as well as sensory guides for activities (depends on the size of the organization).

Autism Travel Text Only LogoOnce you become a Certified Autism Center™, you will be featured as a certified organization on, which was developed by IBCCES as a credible resource to help autistic individuals and their families and friends connect with trained and certified destinations, attractions, and related options.

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