Why Autism Training + Certification is Important

Autistic Individuals are 8 times more likely to visit an ED or Urgent Care, yet most clinicians and medical professionals receive very little autism-specific training. Autistic individuals react differently to sensory experiences and input, communication, pain, and anesthesia, among other impacts, with a wide variety of experiences amongst these individuals. Your team can improve the patient experience as well as clinical effectiveness and efficiency with professional training and certification through IBCCES.

ER doctor and clerical staff

Autistic individuals are 8X more likely to visit the ER

ethnic infographic

1 in 6 people have a sensory disorder

There are millions of autistic adults who do not have a formal diagnosis

1 in 54 kids have asd infographic

1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism in the US and this varies globally

Benefits of Certification

Decrease cost of care through more efficient physician contact time and increased staff effectiveness
Increase the quality of care through exceptional patient experience
Increase access to care and community engagement by creating more patient confidence and awareness
Increase revenue through specialization referrals within your system
Reduce unnecessary repeat visits through patient care and education

Admin + Support Staff Training Competencies

  • What is Autism
  • Meltdowns and Safety
  • Admissions, Intake and Discharge
  • Adaptation to Environment
  • Sensory Issues
  • Parent & Caregiver Communication

Clinical Staff
Training Competencies

  • Autism in the Emergency Room
  • Exams and Procedures
  • Anesthesia + Pain for Individuals with ASD
  • Adaptation to Environment
  • Sensory Issues
  • Preparing for the OR
  • Parent & Caregiver Communication

How It Works

IBCCES provides position-specific training and certification for clinicians, nurses, therapists, allied health staff, and clerical staff in a hospital setting. These programs are evidence-based and include feedback from autistic individuals to ensure a well-rounded approach to supplement the expertise of professionals in a healthcare setting.  Certification also includes an onsite review with recommendations on how to make small changes in process or the physical space to make a more positive experience for all patients. (onsite review depends on the size of the organization)

CAC process

Once you become a Certified Autism Center™, you will be featured as a certified organization on CertifiedAutismCenter.com which have been developed by IBCCES as credible resources to help leading organizations across the globe showcase themselves as safe, sensory-friendly, trained and certified option for parents and autistic individuals.


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