What are the requirements for one CE unit?

One CE unit = One contact hour (60 minutes) of instruction from a conference, workshop or in-service experience. Some other common terms for CE units are continuing education, CEU, and professional development hours. Your 14 Continuing Education hours may be earned in any of the IBCCES-approved programs.

Already Have Training?

Each IBCCES certification requires a specific number of hours within the last two years. These hours must directly relate to the certification the professional is applying for, whether they are autism or cognitive disorder-focused. Hours can be earned by attending national conferences, taking university/professional courses or online courses. If you have already completed hours toward your certification in the last 2 years, apply now.

Acceptable Continuing Education

All CE hours obtained must fall within the CE guidelines established by IBCCES. 14 CE hours must be obtained within the last two years (previous 24 months). One CE hour is defined as one clock hour (60 minutes) as a direct learner.

CE TypeDocumentation
College or University courseworkOfficial transcript with course name and syllabus showing content within the areas of autism competency
CE hours issued by an approved continuing education providerCertificate or official letter from provider. Must state your name, title, date, presenter, and hours earned.
Presenter or Instruction of college or university course or an Approved conferenceLetter from the department chair or conference provider. Documentation should include your name, title, date, and summary of content.
District or center provided trainingCertificate with name, title, date, presenter, and number of hours obtained. Content must fall within the areas of autism competency and be approved by IBCCES.

Activities not accepted for CE hours: Attending meetings; Serving on a committee or board; Volunteer activities; Routine work experience when it is a part of your job responsibility; Work experience; Unsupervised or self-study; Publications or authoring a scholarly piece; Supervision activities; Research activities; Curriculum development.

Questions regarding acceptable CE hours should be directed towards IBCCES at 877-717-6543 or info@ibcces.org

Still Need Hours?

Online Courses:
Applicants have the option to participate in approved online training programs or enroll in an approved university course to obtain their 14 CE hours. IBCCES partners with universities and online continuing education providers all over the world to make this option available to Autism Credential Applicants. Click here to learn more about approved online course providers.

National and Regional Conferences:
If budgets allow, applicants may attend approved autism conferences at the national and regional level. Click here to learn more about approved conference providers.