Certified Autism Center™ Certification

Because “Autism Friendly” isn’t enough

Water parks and attractions are exciting places that can provide a great way for families and individuals to have fun and create memories – research has shown that engaging in stimulating activities such as travel, animals, water interaction, and outdoor play can even be therapeutic for autistic children and individuals. However, there are things your staff needs to do in order to be able to welcome ALL guests and ensure you have accessible options and the training to improve guest experience at your park.

Fun is for everyone and organizations across the globe are looking for ways to be equipped to truly accommodate all guests. With training, certification and onsite review options IBCCES is the leading expert to help travel and recreation organizations become inclusive and accessible.

The IBCCES Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) certification helps ensure organizations are fully equipped to better serve and attract autistic guests or those with other sensory sensitivities, improve the guest experience for all and empower your staff to have the confidence to handle guest-facing situations that may arise.

Benefits of Certification

Position-specific, customized online training for staff

Stand out from your competitors

Gain knowledge & confidence in guest-facing scenarios

Increase market share and drive revenue

Competitive Advantage

  • Enhance Staff Morale & Empowerment

  • Become confident in your ability to provide travel/entertainment solutions for an underserved market

  • International recognition for your expertise in the fastest growing market in the travel/entertainment industry

  • Ability to contact IBCCES experts at any time with questions

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All Certified Autism Centers™ meet the following requirements:

Dedicated to serving autistic individuals

At least 80% of guest-facing staff trained and certified in autism

Committed to ongoing training and accessibility

An onsite review by IBCCES experts includes a comprehensive report with suggested changes or modifications & sensory guides for activities. (requirement dependent on size of the organization)

Did You Know?

1 in 36 diagnosis rate
1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism in the US (varies globally)

millions of adults
Millions of adults are autistic but were never formally diagnosed

1 in 6 people have a sensory need or sensitivity

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  • Position-specific online training for staff – there is no one-size-fits all
  • Certification periods in 2 or 5-year increments
  • Onsite review by an expert that includes a comprehensive report with suggested modifications to better serve autistic individuals or those with sensory needs, as well as sensory guides for attractions or interactive features.


  • Listing on the International Online Registry of Certified Autism Centers™
  • Press release from IBCCES announcing CAC
  • Framed certification for display
  • Customized identification adhesives to showcase CAC status on staff badges/nametags
  • Validated CAC Badge for website and social media
  • Featured on AutismTravel.com, accessible to parents, individuals and families worldwide

Your team will complete our online training and certification process. And 80% of guest-facing staff must complete the program to earn Certified Autism Center™ designation.

certification process
*Your park may undergo an onsite review by IBCCES experts includes a comprehensive report with suggested changes or modifications to better serve autistic individuals, as well as sensory guides for activities (depends on the size of the organization).

Autism Travel Text Only LogoOnce you become a Certified Autism Center™, you will be featured as a certified organization on AutismTravel.com, which was developed by IBCCES as a credible resource to help autistic individuals and their families and friends connect with trained and certified destinations, attractions, and related options.

Implementing An Accessibility Card Program

Due to demand from many of IBCCES’ Certified Autism Center™ partners, we offer an accessibility card solution for amusement parks, water parks, and other attractions, to help reduce abuse of benefits and increase guest satisfaction.

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  • Emma Robb Aquaventure

    Emma of Aquaventure Atlantis Dubai

    “Many of our colleagues now feel more empowered to recognize and maybe anticipate these kinds of conditions, and rather than it snowballing and becoming a negative experience, it’s a positive one for everybody. We expected to see a bit of an increase as people recognize Aquaventure as a place they can come to, and we did expect to see a boost in revenue. All of that has been great, but what has been really rewarding has been that personal human touch and connection.”

  • Headshot Joann

    Joann of Water World Colorado

    “I would say please do it (CAC certification) because we need everyone to be on board. These kids and adults with autism, deserve to have the things that everybody else enjoys. It will help you be more welcoming and have more compassion and confidence.”

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