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Every person with a disability may have different needs, and they know best what works for them – the IBCCES Accessibility App is a location-based platform that makes finding accessible businesses and public locations easy for people of all abilities, making it easier for you to empower visitors before they enter your location.

See what end users and businesses have to say about the Accessibility App

The Accessibility App is a platform to connect with an underserved market and empower all customers to have a positive experience.

Accessibility Starts with Communication

The Accessibility App was designed to help businesses be transparent and proactively communicate what customers can expect when visiting their location. For customers with disabilities, this can be a deciding factor in whether to visit a location.

Accessibility by the Numbers

Taking a closer look at these numbers goes beyond just seeing figures; it shows a strong story of a market that’s not getting enough attention, full of possibilities and chances. If we dig even deeper, these numbers are like a call for businesses to be more inclusive. It’s not just about meeting accessibility standards but also about making real connections with a diverse group of people who are ready and excited to be customers.

90 million

individuals are diagnosed with a disability in the United States alone. 


disabled consumers are limited when shopping due to lack of information.

$21 billion

annual discretionary income of disabled consumers in the United States.


disabled consumers shop more frequently with accessible businesses.

1 in 4 adults is diagnosed with a disability

Consider this – in our country, 1 in 4 adults faces challenges because of a disability. Now, ask yourself: How do customers find you? Are you clearly communicating what customers can expect when they arrive at your location? Reflect on whether unintentional barriers might be turning away or turning off 25% of people from your business.

How does the Accessibility App help end users?

The IBCCES Accessibility App enhances the city experience for users by offering tailored navigation and exploration features based on their individual needs, ensuring seamless access to businesses and locations.

  • Directory – Directory of accessible local businesses that are welcoming to people with disabilities.
  • Autism and Sensory – Access to travel and entertainment options for people with Autism and sensory needs.
  • Hearing – Access to travel and entertainment options for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Translation – Access to real time language translation.
  • Mobility – Access to route mapping software to map out best routes for those with mobility issues.

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  • IAC – Streamline accommodation requests at amusement parks and attractions.
  • Travel – Sunflower and IBCCES have partnered to offer travelers a variety of methods to identify their accessibility needs at major airports and travel centers.
  • Vision Direct access to live human visual assistant for navigation.
  • Healthcare Access to certified healthcare facilities and certified therapist in the region.
  • Employment Access to local jobs targeted for people of all abilities.

Join the Movement in Making All Businesses Accessible Across America!

Why your business needs to be part of the Accessibility App Network

Create your business listing by registering. You can then complete your profile by answering some questions about what visitors can expect and providing interior photos of key areas of your location. Once complete, your listing will go live and you can manage or edit the information as needed. Your listing will be available (and searchable) to all Accessibility App users!

Increase revenue by attracting a new market.

Build brand loyalty and attract repeat customers.

Improve the quality of guest experience in your business.

Communicate level of accommodations available.

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Make a positive social impact in your community.

Reduce barriers to entry for people of all abilities.

Exposure to fastest growing market segment.

Be viewed as an industry leader in accessibility.