What Does Neurodiversity MEAN?

It’s the idea that variation in brain function exists across the population, and differences such as autism, ADHD, and other conditions are not a disability, but rather just a different way of thinking and behaving. With this in mind, organizations need to put processes in place to recognize and manage to employee strengths and make adjustments if needed – as a result, new skill sets are recognized, staffing issues are solved, and significant gains are made for key business metrics such as profitability, innovation, employee retention and growth.   

  • “Our (more) neurodiverse teams are 50-90% more productive.”

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  • “90% higher retention rates for employees recruited into Neurodiversity program.”

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  • “Over half of the new hires in their autism program had previously applied but not got in.”

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Become A Certified Neurodiverse Workplace

Statistically, your organization’s workforce is already neurodiverse, but staff are likely not managing, coaching and retaining those employees effectively. In addition, hiring practices, placement, onboarding, and management of new employees can be improved to be inclusive of neurodiverse individuals who can become assets to your organization.

IBCCES’ CNW program provides staff training and support as well as a review process to ensure your organization is pivoting to meet your current and prospective employees’ needs, and ultimately, maintain success as an organization as whole.


Awareness training + culture change, enterprise wide

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Understanding the Business Case

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Company Culture + Empathy

Bust Myths icon

Effectively Manage Staff

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Inclusive Hiring Tips + Retention

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Reliability, Productivity


Untapped workforce 98% under or unemployed *

More than 90% retention rates **

1.7X More likely to be innovative leaders ***

1.8X more likely to adapt to change *

Outside the box thinkers *

Natural born problem solvers ***

Increased loyalty **

*JP Morgan, ** Microsoft, *** SAP


neurodiverse workplace

neurodiversity in the workplace infographic

Workplace Neurodiversity Certification Programs focus on best practices in the following areas: 

  • Why neurodiversity matters
  • Autism in the workplace
  • ADHD in the workplace
  • Learning differences in the workplace
  • Neurodiversity and mental health
  • Inclusive hiring
  • Disclosure
  • Working in a neurodiverse team contributing to a supportive culture

Certification Options

Neurodiversity For Leadership

  • 4 CE online training program
  • Tactical training for employees specifically involved in neurodiversity hiring programs

Ideal for: Managers HR Recruiters & Coworkers Mentors

Neurodiversity In Workforce

  • 30-minute online training program
  • Introduction to neurodiversity at work

Ideal for: All Employees across the organization

What Organizations Can Benefit from A Neurodiversity Program?

  • Attractions
  • Aerospace + Defense
  • Hospitality
  • Banking and Finance
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Sports + Recreation
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery Stores
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Customer Service
  • Technology Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • City + County Government
  • Food Service
Certified Neurodiversity Workplace Requirements
  • Dedicated to serving individuals with autism
  • At least 80% of staff is trained and certified in the field of Autism
  • committed to ongoing training in autism
  • Onsite audit by IBCCES experts
  • Includes a comprehensive report with suggested recommendations/modifications, as well as sensory guides for activities

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