What Does Neurodiversity Mean?

Variation in brain function exists across the population, and differences such as autism, ADHD, learning differences, and other conditions should be viewed not as inherently negative, but rather just a different way of thinking and behaving. With this in mind, organizations need to put processes in place to recognize and manage to employee strengths and make adjustments if needed – as a result, new skill sets are recognized, talent can be identified and retained, and management can be more effective.

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Statistically, your organization’s workforce is already neurodiverse, but staff are likely not managing, coaching and retaining those employees effectively. In addition, hiring practices, placement, onboarding, and management of new employees can be improved to be inclusive of neurodiverse individuals who can become assets to your organization.

IBCCES’ Certified Neurodiverse Workplace program provides staff training, certification and support as well as a review process to ensure your organization is pivoting to meet your current and prospective employees’ needs, and ultimately, maintain success as an organization as whole.


neurodiverse staff giving presentation

Untapped workforce 98% under or unemployed *

1.7X More likely to be innovative leaders ***

1.8X more likely to adapt to change *

Outside the box thinkers *

More than 90% retention rates **

Natural born problem solvers ***

Increased loyalty **

*JP Morgan, ** Microsoft, *** SAP

  • More effective teams and cross-functional communication
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Enhanced leadership and organizational effectiveness
  • Improve staff engagement and morale
  • Community engagement and recognition
  • Empowered staff and management
  • Ensure current DEI initiatives are inclusive and intersectional

Certified Neurodiverse Workplace requirements include:

  • Dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment
  • At least 80% of the organization or department staff trained and certified in neurodiversity
  • Committed to ongoing training and inclusive practices as part of the certification renewal process
*Your organization or department may partake in an organizational audit or needs assessment by IBCCES to enhance your hiring process, work environment, and other inclusion practices.


Understanding the Business Case

Company Culture + Empathy

Effectively Manage Staff

Inclusive Hiring Tips + Retention

Reliability, Productivity

  • “Our (more) neurodiverse teams are 50-90% more productive.”

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  • “90% higher retention rates for employees recruited into Neurodiversity program.”

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