Learn to Better Serve People on the Autism Spectrum and Attract New Families to your Practice

Children and adults on the autism spectrum can have various unique challenges they face with dental care. People on the autism spectrum typically have hyper or hypo-sensitivity to one of the senses, which often makes visits to the place like a dentist more stressful- especially if that sensitivity is to sound, taste, or even light.

Individuals on the autism spectrum often have specific dental challenges due to a number of concerns, including:

• Gingival overgrowth

• Early and late tooth decay

• Severe, early periodontal gum disease

• The habit of constantly grinding their teeth, which is also known as “bruxism”

• Tooth anomalies that are related to the size, shape and number of teeth present

• Accelerated, inconsistent, and/or delayed eruption of one or more teeth

 Pits, discoloration, lines, and other developmental defects that are seen in teeth

Remove the stressful stigma of a Dentist visit for families by designating your practice as a Certified Autism Center.

How Can IBCCES Help Oral Health Professionals?

IBCCES works with oral health professionals to ensure they are properly trained and equipped to provide the highest quality care for patients and families with autism, sensory processing and other cognitive disorders. We provide research-based, position specific training to ensure you’re exposed to content designed with your profession in mind.

Training will help non-clinical and clinical staff to be more aware of the differences in perception for people with autism and other cognitive disorders, allowing your practice to more seamlessly work with a family with an individual on the autism spectrum.

Meeting a Growing Need for Specialized Care

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$262 Billion

is spent on autism related services in the US each year

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600% Increase

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world

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41 States

have insurance mandates to cover autism related services

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$60K Annually

cost to a family with 1 child with autism

Why Should You Become a Certified Autism Center?

The Certified Autism Center (CAC) certification recognizes organizations that have a highly trained staff and are fully equipped to serve the fastest growing population of developmental disorders.

Becoming a Certified Autism Center is the best way to:

  • Help your center or organization stand out as having expertise in the field of autism
  • Attract new families- families with an individual on the spectrum often have other kids not on the spectrum that will also become patients
  • Differentiate your organization from competitors
  • Prepare non-clinical staff for approaching a wide variety of perceptual styles
  • Position your center or organization to experience explosive growth as you are able to serve this market
  • Attract partnerships
  • Better serve individuals and families affected by autism

IBCCES Board member: Lee Weinstein D.M.D. , F.A.S.D.C
“Learning how to serve people with autism and other sensory disorders will set you apart from most dentists who don’t know how to effectively serve this population and open doors to serving a new community of underserved families.” Lee Weinstein DMD

Certified Autism Center


All Certified Autism Centers meet the following requirements:

  • Dedicated to serving individuals with autism
  • At least 80% of staff is trained and certified in the field of Autism
  • Maintain compliance with National Healthcare/Education Accreditation standards
  • Is committed to ongoing training in autism
  • Complies with HIPAA and ADA requirements

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