1 in 36 children in the US is currently diagnosed with autism, with millions of adults on the spectrum and 1 in 6 individuals having a sensory need or sensitivity. Now, more than ever,  law enforcement officers need to better understand how to communicate and engage with autistic individuals to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all community members.

In this 2 CE online training program, officers will learn what autism is, how to communicate and interact with autistic individuals, and best practices on safety and de-escalating in specific scenarios. The training was created by experts as well as autistic adults to build understanding, promote empathy, and encourage more positive and effective communication.

Training Competencies

police officers with autism training
  • What is Autism?
  • Communication
  • Elopement and Safety
  • Scenario-Based Practices
  • Parent/Caregiver Perspective
  • Mistaken Mannerisms

Benefits of Certification

Self-Paced Online Training

Be Prepared For Real-Life Scenarios

Learn Vital

Improve Community Outcomes

  • Peggy, St. Johns County Sherriff’s Office

    “Training was exceptional…The training allowed an understanding of the autism spectrum and better ways of handling interaction with individuals who have autism. Ways to handle scenarios were critical.“

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