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We establish industry standards and govern credentialing programs used by professionals in the fields of healthcare and education.

In 2001, IBCCES first established the industry standards for a Certified Autism Specialist. Our industry leading standards are now used by organizations all over the world to ensure the highest quality of care and training for professionals in the field of Autism.

Our board of professionals, including BCBAs, researchers from leading universities, state level Special Education Directors, as well as clinicians in the fields of mental health, Speech and Language Pathology, School Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and parents, reviews and updates these standards each year to ensure they reflect the latest research and comply with current laws and regulations for professionals in the field of Autism.

IBCCES also works with insurance providers in writing policy guidelines for autism treatment coverage and autism insurance reform. We partner with state licensing boards, universities and other national organizations to ensure their programs are aligned with the stringent requirements of our certification. Our online auditing system tracks approved providers as well as variety of compliance requirements including continuing education status, associated disciplinary actions and more.

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Certified Autism Specialist

The Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) credential certifies professionals who maintain ongoing education in autism and have real-world experience helping with individuals with autism.

The CAS Credential is ideal for clinicians, therapists, educators, and other professionals who possess a Master’s degree and serve individuals with autism.

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Autism Certificate

The Autism Certificate (AC) is available for all professionals employed in a setting that requires you to work or have contact with individuals with autism.

This Autism Certification recognizes professionals dedicated to promoting quality care in the field of Autism. The Autism Certificate does not require a Master’s degree.

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Feedback From Professionals Like You
  • I pursued the Certified Autism Specialist Credential as confirmation that I provide my students current best practices and methodology. As a result, more and more of my staff has been awarded or is currently pursuing their CAS credentials.–Karen Ann Gill, MS, CAS | Bloomingdale, IL

  • CAS was instrumental in my acceptance into a specialty program with Texas Tech University. My professional education & work experience in bilingual speech-language pathology, sociolinguistics, social and behavioral sciences has enhanced my ability to work effectively as part of multi-disciplinary teams in medical and educational settings.–Dr. Love Johnson, DrPH, MS, MA, CCC-SLP, CAS, CPH | Cedar Hill, TX

  • The CAS certification affirms the commitment and hard work spent over the past few years of dedication to growing professionally and learning more about autism. –Becky Butler, M.S. CCC/SLP, CAS

  • CAS exemplifies my education, working experience in this field, professional knowledge and qualifications. –Elena Ghionis, Special Education Teacher, M.S., CAS