Featured Certified Cognitive Coach: Rosanne Mazzarelli

Why did you choose your profession?
I have worked with children on the spectrum for over 20 years but knowing not many services are provided for adults I wanted to continue to help them in pursuing their goals.
What’s your favorite part about what you do?
The clients without a doubt. I love seeing their personalities emerge when they begin to get comfortable. I see their humor, confidence and strengths along with their vulnerabilities and I love their willingness to help themselves. It’s awesome when one of my clients aces an interview or gets a job, it’s like hitting the lottery!
How has your IBCCES training/credential helped you in your career?
I think knowledge is key to almost everything. I take something away from all of the trainings, videos and seminars and implement what I’ve learned throughout each session with my clients and students.
How do you use/implement what you learned in the IBCCES certification training?
The training helped me better understand the needs and behavior of each client. Of course each client is their own individual with his/her own personal goals and I feel very confident in tailoring each session to their specific needs.

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