Sophie Blondel of The H Dubai Talks About Driving Accessibility in Hospitality

About the episode

In this episode, we sit down with Sophie Blondel, General Manager at The H Dubai, to discuss her valuable insights and advice on making significant changes in hospitality organizations to promote accessibility and inclusivity. Sophie shares how The H Dubai is working with the community on various initiatives to support people of determination and promote accessibility, and how they became the first Certified Autism Center™ hotel in Dubai.



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About the show

Accessibility Champions is an educational video podcast series that celebrates the world of accessibility and the inspiring work being done by industry leaders to serve the rapidly growing market of people of determination. Each episode features conversations with prominent figures and community partners across various sectors who go above and beyond to champion accessibility. By exploring their initiatives, strategies, and success stories, we aim to shed light on the incredible impact of their efforts.

Headshot of Sophie Blondel, General Manager of The H Dubai

About the guest

Sophie Blondel, General Manager at The H Dubai, is a seasoned hospitality professional with over two decades of experience. Initially pursuing law, she later transitioned to hospitality, earning her master’s from Vatel International Business School. Sophie’s career includes notable stints with marquee names in Belgium before joining a 5-star hotel chain in the UAE. Recognized for her talents, she became General Manager at The H Dubai, where she has led the hotel to multiple achievements including being the first hotel in Dubai to receive the Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) designation.

Sophie’s success stems from her attention to detail, a high standard of quality, and an entrepreneurial mindset. She prioritizes both guest satisfaction and owner interests, striving for maximum output from investments. Committed to her team’s growth and welfare, Sophie fosters open communication and creativity. Outside of work, she enjoys off-roading and sewing, balancing personal pursuits with professional excellence. Sophie’s vision for The H Dubai includes enhancing the guest experience, embracing post-pandemic opportunities, and ensuring the property champions sustainability and inclusivity at every turn.

Dr. Geraldine Naidoo, host of the Accessibility Champions Podcast

About the host

Dr. Geraldine Naidoo has a Doctorate and a PhD in Natural Medicine and is a certified Trauma Informed Professional. She is also focused on removing “internal” barriers as  she provides stress relief and wellness solutions for  clients who are dealing with, or have been diagnosed with, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, depression, pain and other chronic conditions that typically create stress and overwhelm which adds to their existing challenges. She uses a variety of research based techniques to provide impactful solutions that are focused, effective, and non-invasive, with no contra-indications.

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