Autism Certificate from IBCCES

Improve Your Qualifications and Learning with an Autism Certificate

Certification Recognizing Education Professionals with Specialist Level Training in Autism

  • I use my training from IBCCES on a daily basis in my career! By educating children, parents, and teachers about strategies to assist those children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have improved awareness, independence and function in a multitude of children.

    – Rachel Harrington, Lead Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant- Licensed (COTA/L)

Actionable Autism Training for Improving Outcomes

  • Learn to differentiate between sensory disorders and other potential sources of behavior problems
  • Learn best practices of how to improve outcomes for students with autism and sensory disorders from experts in the field
  • Learn the crucial and often misunderstood differences between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ reinforcement and when to use both
  • Gain professional recognition for your expertise

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6 Areas of Autism Competency: AC Program and Certification

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Internationally Recognized Autism Certification for Professionals in Education

Autism Certificate from IBCCESShow your commitment to providing qualified care to individuals with autism and other cognitive disorders with an internationally recognized credential from IBCCES (the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards).

Our Autism Certificate program is for professionals who are responsible for the support and/or services provided to an individual on the autism spectrum that directly relates to the professionals’ specific scope of practice

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Individual Benefits

Our Autism Certificate will:

  • Enhance your professional reputation and credibility.
  • Recognize your mastery of the specialist level Autism training.
  • Increase your opportunity for career advancement and increased earnings.
  • Recognize your voluntary effort to meet rigorous professional standards in ongoing professional development.
  • Include your name on the online public registry of Certified Autism Specialists

School/Clinic Benefits

Having members of your staff with an Autism Certificate:

  • Reduces the chance of litigation in your district.
  • Differentiates your school or healthcare facility from your competitors.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to on-going training in Autism to parents and clients.
  • Improves your grant qualifications.
  • Assists in demonstrating compliance with local and state guidelines for professional development.

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  • Michele-Powers-Autism-Certificate

    Michele Powers, Special Education Teacher

    I use what I have learned in the training to help train the assistants in my classroom so they will have a better understanding of autism and just how to work with individual students. I also use this training to help parents work with their child at home.

  • Phyllis-Pratt-Autism-Certificate

    Phyllis Pratt, Orthodontic Assistant

    It helps me with speaking to the patient in ways they can understand treatment and how to handle an appointment on their terms.

  • Palace-Zinnermon-McMicheal-Autism-Certifciate

    Palace Zinnermon McMichael, Special Education Paraprofessional

    I use my training daily in an AU classroom setting, to support my students in achieving their goals, via a modified curriculum. I use it to teach more to their abilities, not their disability. I promote independence and social communication, as well as teach life and survival skills. My training enhanced my understanding of my students needs, to better proviide the support they need to continue to thrive.

  • Wendy-Spann-Autism-Certificate-Developmental-Screener

    Wendy Spann, Developmental Screener

    My IBCCES training has been an integral part of teaching me to identify children that show classic symptoms of a person that could be on the autism spectrum. I therefore know how to refer that family in order for them to connect with the proper agencies for diagnosis, resources and services for their child and family members.