Telepsychology certification that meets requirements for federal funding such as CARES stimulus funding and helps you serve your patients better.

Therapists whose services are in demand more than ever must ensure they are trained and ready to deliver telepractice services effectively. 

To ensure telehealth is easy to implement, meets requirements, and is administered professionally and effectively, standardized learning for practitioners is a must.

IBCCES offers several certification programs that give telepractitioners the tools they need to be highly successful when delivering virtual services. Communicating online has its own rules and protocols and requires therapists and other service providers to learn new skill sets to be successful when delivering services online.

Key benefits to our training and certification are that it is based on industry best practices and is platform agnostic, meaning you can use the skills and techniques across multiple telehealth or conferencing platforms.

Additional Benefits of Certification

  • Developed by an expert team of therapists and telehealth
    industry leaders

  • Build therapist and service provider confidence in performing virtual services

  • Provide patients more confidence in received telehealth

Certification Competencies

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Board Certified Telepractice Specialist (8 CEU)

Introduction to Telehealth

  • History of telehealth
  • Benefits and usage of telehealth
  • Research and support


  • Home office setup
  • Walking the patient through appropriate setup
  • Privacy considerations
  • Productivity


  • Platform options (proprietary vs. public)
  • Internet speed
  • Headsets and webcams
  • Other gadgets (document scanners, etc.)

Licensing and Compliance

  • Licensing laws, school-specific laws and insurance regulations
  • Mental Health stance and adhering to state policies


  • Online scheduling tools
  • Grouping considerations
  • Scheduling examples
  • Problem-solving scheduling barriers


  • Reviews standard ethics practices
  • Recommendations for ethical considerations during telehealth delivery
  • Specific ethical concerns when using virtual platforms and methods


  • Reviews best practices for delivering virtual services
  • Considerations for assessments given via virtual platforms
  • Recommendations for ensuring assessment accuracy and validity

Special Education

  • This module will speak to school-specific telepsychology implementation
  • Considerations when communicating with parents
  •  Learning new software
  • Serving as a part of a multidisciplinary special education team

Introducing This Model and Overcoming Obstacles

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Stakeholder buy-In: Our value proposition
  • Working with difficult populations

Certification Benefits

reduce coat icon

Meet Demand For Remote Services

growth icon

Maintain Outcomes and Patient Progress

Affordable icon

Access Funding and Meet Federal Requirements

HIPPAA Compliance icon

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Requirements & Help Patients in Crisis

tech transition

Ease Transition to New Technology 

Schedule icon

Scheduling Flexibility & Efficiency

Certification Requirements

The Board Certified Telepractice Specialist™ is for professionals who are responsible for providing services or support to individuals with mental health issues as a part of their scope of work. Both of these programs focus on the latest research and best practices in the field of telepsychology and online delivery of therapeutic services.

BCTP badgeRequirements:

  • Has successfully completed formal training from an accredited college or university to deliver therapy services
  • 8 topical CEU Hours (included in program)
  • Registration fee : $295
  • Renewal fee (every 2 years): $149 + 8 topical CEU (included if needed)

Who Should Get Certified?

Board Certified Telepractice Specialist™  (BCTS) 

Mastery level certification program for therapists and providers who deliver services to individuals with mental health needs. A BCTS has demonstrated that they are uniquely qualified, prepared, and confident in their ability to provide a comprehensive range of services.

Common roles for BCTS include:·

  • Licensed mental health counselor/therapist
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Mental health counselor
  • Family & Marriage counselor/therapist


Joseph Cheung MD

Joseph Cheung, MD

Sleep Neurologist, Mayo Clinic

Mae Barker headshot

Mae Barker, PhD, BCBA-D

Clinical Director – Card (Former), Practitioner, Professor

Kerry headshot

Dr. Kerry Magro, Ph.D

Award-Winning Disability Advocate, Best-Selling Author

Anne Holmes

Anne Holmes, CCC, BCBA

Board Of Directors Autism Society, VP Of The Division Of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Martha Aki headshot

Martha Aki

ECI Program Director, Katy Independent School District

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore, EdD

Autism Advocate & Expert, Professor, Author, Speaker

Pam Rollins headshot

Pamela Rollins, EdD, SLP

Associate Professor

Eric Rossen heashot

Eric Rossen, Ph.D., NCSP

Director Of Professional Development & Standards For NASP

Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson, Ph.D., LLC

Special Education Program Coordinator At University Of Georgia

Weinstein headshot

Lee Weinstein, D.M.D., F.A.S.D.C.

President At Core Smiles Consulting; Former Special Needs Focused Pediatric Dentist

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