To ensure telehealth is easy to implement, meets requirements, and is administered professionally and effectively, standardized learning for practitioners is a must.

IBCCES offers several certification programs that give telepractitioners the tools they need to be highly successful when delivering virtual services. Communicating online has its own rules and protocols and requires therapists and other service providers to learn new skill sets to be successful when delivering services online.

Certification Competencies

Introduction to Telepractice
  • History of teletherapy
  • Benefits and usage of teletherapy
  • Research and support
  • Home office setup
  • Walking the patient through appropriate setup
  • Privacy considerations
  • Productivity
  • Reviews best practices for delivering virtual services
  • Considerations for assessments given via virtual platforms
  • Recommendations for ensuring assessment accuracy and validity
  • Reviews standard ethics practices
  • Recommendations for ethical considerations during telehealth delivery
  • Specific ethical concerns when using virtual platforms and methods
Special Education
  • This module will speak to school-specific telepsychology implementation
  • Considerations when communicating with parents
  •  Learning new software
  • Serving as a part of a multidisciplinary special education team
Introducing This Model & Overcoming Obstacles
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Stakeholder buy-In: Our value proposition
  • Working with difficult populations

*Registration fee includes 8 CE hours of online training, application fee, exam, and credential.

Telepractice session

Benefits of Certification

Learn Most-Up-To-Date Best Practices

Ensure Services Are Properly Implemented, Meet Requirements, & Administered Effectively

Maintain Outcomes and Patient Progress

Build Confidence in Performing Virtual Services For Yourself & Your Patients

Certification Requirements

Requirements Board Certified Telepractice Specialist
Current Experience Level Has successfully completed formal training from an accredited college or university to deliver therapy services to individuals
CE hours (training content included with program) 8
Certification Fee (includes training, exam + credential) $295
Renewal Fee
(every 2 years, includes renewal training if needed)

male therapist providing virtual services

For more information on how to maintain your certification, please review our Certification Renewal Policy and Code of Ethics and Standards.

BCTS Eligibility Requirements

Mastery level certification program for therapists and providers who deliver services. A BCTS has demonstrated that they are uniquely qualified, prepared, and confident in their ability to provide a comprehensive range of services. $295 for Certification + Exam


  • Has successfully completed formal training from an accredited college or university to deliver therapy services
  • 8 topical CEU Hours (included in the program)
  • Registration fee: $295
  • Renewal fee (every 2 years): $149 + 8 topical CEU (included if needed)

Registration fees include application review by IBCCES board and access to the Telepractice Certification Exams.

*Registration fee will be refunded if the applicant is not approved by the board for any reason during the application process (minus $150 to cover processing and exam fee). Otherwise, all sales are final. Registration indicates that you have read and agreed to the IBCCES Financial Terms and Conditions, Ethical Responsibilities and Standards of Practice.

Common roles for BCTS include:
  • Licensed mental health counselor/therapist
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Mental health counselor
  • Family & Marriage counselor/therapist

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Telepractice certification that meets requirements for federal funding such as Title I, Title II, and IDEA  and allows your team to provide continuation of services.

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