Featured CAS – Stephanie Holmes

Stephanie C. Holmes, MA

City/State: Dunwoody, GA

School/Organizations: Calvary Church  Atlanta


1) How has earning the Certified Autism Specialist been meaningful and satisfying?

As a speaker and advocate the credentials give me a stronger voice in the work that I do.

2) How has the CAS credential effected your professional growth?

It encourages me to stay apprised of what is going on in the autism community and what is needed to better help those in the community.

3) What changes need to be made in your work environment?

What needs to change in the field is more work and study about Aspie marriages and families in general who have a spouse or child on the spectrum.

4) How do you like to be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded for a job well done?

When one of my clients succeeds, or learns a new skill, or overcomes a major obstacle that is reward enough for me.

5) What is your greatest challenge or roadblock?

I am concerned about the change in ASD criteria in the DSM-5 and how many higher functioning individuals may not get the diagnosis and help that they need. Getting diagnosed as an older individual was difficult enough for many, but now it is harder and I am concerned for those who may never be diagnosed who need to be.

6) What makes you feel like a valuable contributor?

Knowing that my struggles with my own Aspie daughter have made me a better person, spouse, and counselor have made me a bigger contributor to the autism community and special needs community. Her struggles have propelled me to be an advocate and speaker.

7) What support, tools/resources, skills or empowerment do you need to be more effective?

More resources and helps with older/adult Aspies.

8) What strengths or talents do you possess that aren’t being used?

I am pretty busy so I think my strengths and talents are being used often.

9) What demotivates you?

Ignorance of uneducated people who lump all persons with autism spectrum together who do not see the individuality and gifts of each person on the spectrum.

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